“Ruined a Classic Jersey”: Hockey Community Enters Into a Debate After NHL Unveils 2023 All-Star Kit That Is ‘Inspired by the Past’

Published 01/20/2023, 3:45 PM EST

The NHL never fails to amuse the hockey fraternity. They started the year with the Great One hosting podcasts, followed by exceptional wins in the Stanley Cup, and now the league is launching brand-new jerseys. The NHL is starting a joint venture with Adidas to produce a ‘Reverse Retro’ feel. The point is to combine color schemes from old and new jerseys, to create a new look that would invoke nostalgia in ardent fans. This change, as all new things do, led to a divide between fans.

The ‘eastern’ and ‘western’ All-Star jerseys were posted on Facebook. Fans could not help coming forward to express their interest, which soon turned into a debate.

Fans reacted over the new NHL expedition


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NHL took to their Facebook to share a short video and captioned the post as, “Inspired by the past, made for the present  The 2023 #NHLAllStar jerseys have arrived!”.

The fans though felt differently and took to the comment section to air their feelings out-

“Look how they ruined a classic jersey”

“These basically sum up everything that is wrong with the modern NHL lol”

“Could be worse ~ they could have paired them with shiny chrome helmets”

“Perfect dainty colors to represent a sport that is losing its intensity by the day”

Others seemed to love the contrast and failed to understand the hate. They said-

“I think those are fire brings back the old chel feeling early 2000s feel to them don’t understand the hate 30 mins into them dropping…”

“Looks like the 90’s all star jersey!! I hope Mcdonalds bring back the muppets for kids toy!”

“…like the Eastern jerseys, but my hometown team is in the Western Conference (Oilers)!”

“I don’t understand the hate, they’re not that bad”

“Love it, grabbing one for sure”


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The jerseys are going on sale at midnight exclusively on the official NHL, and Adidas websites. One fan commented, “I thought these were supposed to be available at midnight.”. Hope the franchises have enough stock to keep up with the demands of the supporters.

This is not the first headline that an NFL attire has made this year. While talking about jerseys, one can’t completely forget the controversy with Flyers’ defenseman Ivan Provorov.

Provorov faced backlash for his choice of jersey

The Philadelphia Flyers have an inclusive code, and likewise, they planned to host their Pride Games in 2023 too. The Russian hockey star, however, refused to wear the rainbow-patterned jersey during pregames and cited his Russian Orthodox faith as the reason. This led to a major divide among fans, where some supported his decision, while others criticized him.


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It can be aptly put that from the advent of a new year, ‘jersey’ indeed holds a place in everyone’s mind. Do you think the history of the NHL will be glorified by the new addition to their stock? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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