Simone Biles’ NFL Husband Jonathan Owens Dominates the Season, Leaving Baby Biles Yearning for Her ‘Daddy’

Published 09/25/2023, 8:57 AM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

Simone Biles is atop her gymnastics game now. Recently, the 2023 US Women’s World Championships Selection Event drew its curtains with the GOAT leading the six-women roster. But this time, it is her niece Ronni Biles that grabbed attention once again.

Some days ago, Sammi Biles, Simone’s sister-in-law, posted a reel featuring the little star. The father clasped tiny Ronni in his arms, cheering on his preferred team at an NFL match. It may have been a team that Simone Biles’ husband has some history with! Completely disconnected from the severity of the game, the baby shows love for her NFL-fanatic father Ron.

Simone Biles’ niece yearns for her father!


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After making her national debut at aunt’s 8th title-winning event, Ronni Biles never stopped vacationing. Be it a bright day at the zoo or visiting mother Sammi at the training center, the baby makes heads turn everywhere. Recently, she accompanied her parents to an NFL match, where her father, donning a Houston Texans jersey and cap, held his baby up in the air. While the chocolate-box kid twinned with her father, her signature pink headphones were to die for.

Sammi Biles shared the story on behalf of her little daughter. She captioned it as, “NFL Sunday, missing daddy”. Furthermore, at the tail, she added a cute white heart emoji alongside the Wilson football symbol. Honoring Ron’s love for the sport, his wife never shies away from keeping family on top of her priority list.


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Amidst Baby Biles’ marathon holidaying, Aunt Simone has a big event ahead. But as always, she seems to have Baby Biles’ support.

It is not just Simone who has Baby Biles’ support. The little one seems to love Jonathan Owens’ Packers.  “My niece is the cutest Packers fan,revealed Simone once. But Ron Biles seems to love a different team.

Was Simone Biles’ brother cheering for Jonathan Owens’ former team?

Even after becoming a reliable safety of the Houston Texans, Jonathan Owens signed up with the Green Bay Packers recently. He concluded his four-stint with his former team, cherishing his illustrious history of the past two seasons.


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On May 12, he kick-started his journey with the Packers with his wife beside him. Simone and her family never stopped propping up Owens’ NFL career transition.

Recently, the Green Bay Packers went head-on with the New Orleans Saints, where the former outshined the latter by just a mark. Even though Owens shifted his goal, Ron Biles stayed affixed to his favorite Houston Texans, the Packers’ strongest rival.


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Though yesterday’s NFL event was with such stakes, the next match will take place on September 29. On the other hand, Simone Biles is all set to start her journey to the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships later this month.

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