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Lindsey Vonn Reacts With a 6-Word Message as Bizarre 29-Year-Old Fact on Her Career Resurfaces

Published 05/19/2023, 2:03 PM EDT

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From winning 82 World Cup wins in alpine skiing to collaborating with fashion brand Gucci, Lindsey Vonn has had a phenomenal journey. The beginning of this journey was when Vonn was nine years old and met Picabo Street, a popular alpine skier. Deciding to contest on the biggest platform of the Olympics, Vonn started mapping her journey to achieve success. Recently, the alpine skier reacted to an Instagram post that displayed the beginning of her alpine skiing journey.
The popular influencer reshared an Instagram post by ErichSailerSkiCamps. This post disclosed how Vonn was part of ErichSailerSkiCamps. Further, ErichSailerSkiCamps made an intriguing assertion to which Vonn agreed on her Instagram handle.

Popular alpine skier interesting admission

ErichSailerSkiCamps displayed a picture where a child dressed in a bright green outfit was skiing on the ice. In another image, Vonn can be smiling brightly, enjoying herself in the snow. The post was captioned, “Did you know that @lindseyvonn started her career as a slalom skier.”
The post also recounted, “She would travel alone as young as 9 years old” further adding, “These gems are from Lindsey’s personal vault of photos.” Responding to the post, Vonn reposted it to her Instagram Story and admitted, “Yup…this little girl was me.” 
This was not the only admission Vonn made about her childhood. Earlier, the alpine skier opened up about her childhood to her fans.

Lindsey Vonn shares intriguing insights about her childhood

Vonn expressed, “I was a pretty big nerd.” Describing how she wore braces, Vonn further hinted that she didn’t have many social outings. The famous celebrity had never been to a school dance during childhood. The alpine skier spoke about how she was tremendously competitive in childhood as well. She once related how she was faster than children who were 14 and managed to defeat them in races.
Vonn’s admissions are proof of her love for skiing, and her passion since childhood helped her achieve unparalleled success in her career. Fans will be motivated to see how far Vonn has come, from a 9-year-old kid with potential, to a world-famous sports icon.
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