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Resurfaced Video Shows Olympic Champion Lindsey Vonn’s Ultimate Devotion to Fitness

Published 09/09/2022, 12:03 PM EDT

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Lindsey Vonn, the retired alpine skiing racer, and a three-time Olympic medallist is one of the elite athletes the sporting community boasts of. Her illustrious career in sports and popularity brought her huge recognition and several endorsements. Post-retirement, she set her foot in the world of business. If consistency is a brand, Vonn is the best ambassador one can think of.

82 world-cup victories throughout the ski racer’s more than 20-year career, speaks volume about her perseverance and consistency. In light of this, a recently discovered video, showed her tenacity and will to stay fit and healthy despite an injury inspires and motivates everyone who makes excuses to go to the gym.


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Lindsey Vonn makes no compromise on fitness

Ski racing as exciting as it seems is a challenging sport. A racer cannot get away without broken bones or injuries. In the case of a champion like Lindsey, such challenges are more often than usual. However, they make no excuses for the four-time Olympic medallist in her quest for excellence. This video shows the ambitious racer doing pull-ups.

Did you miss something? The superwoman is doing pull-ups despite having a broken arm. Although it is not advisable to work out with an injury, Lindsey defies them with the right knowledge and practices.


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The skiing racer said in an interview that she derives a lot of energy working out, both physically and mentally. She continued she liked pushing herself made her confident. Every time she worked out, she felt accomplished even though it was small.

Strong is beautiful

Vonn’s first Olympic win in 2010, opened doors to a new chapter as a celebrity. She had to more press conferences, and attend red carpets which sound glamorous and enviable. Sadly, she was not pleased with how she felt with other models around. It questioned her self-image.

Well, Lindsey is someone who leaves nothing without challenging in a head-on battle. She dealt with the many voices in her head, faced her insecurities, and arrived at an answer, “Strong is beautiful.


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In a podcast in 2016, she said when she looked at herself in the mirror; she felt okay. But, when she stood next to someone else, “Now, I’ve just gotten to the point where I just don’t care anymore,” Vonn added.


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She advocated that strong is the new beautiful. “All shapes and sizes are beautiful — the important part is your perception of yourself.” She said. She also clarified that there’s no singular definition of beauty and that it’s important to embrace oneself.



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