75-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger Stuns World With His Workout Ahead of Christmas

Published 12/24/2022, 3:53 PM EST

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Christmas is around the corner and people around the world are gearing up for celebrating the holiday week in full spirits. While many influencers, celebrities, and famous people are wishing their fans lots of enthusiasm, our eyes were on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent reel. The former Mr. Olympian grabbed the limelight with his unique way of wishing his fans. 

On the eve of Christmas, Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a reel on his Instagram that created a buzz all over. He took to his Instagram to give Christmas greetings to his fans, but in his own unique style.


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 Arnold Schwarzenegger’s message for people via Instagram reel

Schwarzenegger was seen doing exercises while wearing a red sweater on Christmas Eve. “It doesn’t really matter if it is Christmas Eve or not, that’s what it is today and we are still working out”, said the actor as he wished Merry Christmas to the viewers.

The 75-year-old bodybuilder has been an inspiration to many in the fitness industry. The Former Mr. Olympia revolutionized bodybuilding in the 60s. With almost 23 million followers on Instagram, he has been creating fitness content for years now. Even on Christmas, his message to people was to not skip their fitness regime, while also enjoying the holidays.


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Even in his mid-70s, the legendary bodybuilder was seen fully charged while performing the workout. He performed typical isolation exercises like lat pull-down and chest press. Even though the Austrian Oak was wearing glasses, fans could sense the shine in his eyes while motivating people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

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The veteran bodybuilder went a step ahead to motivate his viewers. He made the announcement of sending challenges and tips for healthy lifestyles to his subscribers. “Here’s my gift to you. Starting on Jan 1, I’m going to send a daily email with challenges, recipes, and health and fitness info to pump up my fitness crusade.” Schwarzenegger wrote. Further, he added that the services are completely free of cost. 


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Schwarzenegger appealed to people to utilize the upcoming year in building a healthy world, free of health issues. “Merry Christmas! Use that holiday cheer to power up your pumps, and really enjoy your time with your family.” he wrote in the caption. 



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