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“Why Don’t You Do WWE?”: 267 lb Bodybuilding Legend Kai Greene Shocks Fans With His Domination In The Ring

Published 01/26/2023, 7:15 AM EST

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47-year-old Kai Greene is one of the most famous bodybuilders in the industry. Although Greene has not participated in bodybuilding competitions since 2014, he continues to work on improving his abilities. The bodybuilder works on his strength and fitness as seen on his social media videos. In his latest Instagram video, Kai is seen doing some WWE tricks. Looking at his skills, his fans had a lot to see about Greene’s WWE domination. 

Kai Greene is famous for coming second consecutively in three Mr.Olympias from 2012 to 2014. Since then, the bodybuilder has not participated in events nor has he announced his retirement. Moreover, his latest WWE-inspired video suggests that he might have a new career open as commented on by the fans. 

Fans react to Kai Greene’s WWE spree


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Kai Greene surprised his fans with his WWE-like domination in the ring. The bodybuilder seemed to be defending his opponent in the ring with absolute ease. Moreover, alongside posting that video on Instagram, Kai suggested that one must do what one wants instead of settling for what life has provided. Fans were left startled watching Kai perform like a WWE champion. Many reacted to the video. Take a look.

Fans suggested that Kai would be great as a WWE wrestler:  


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Kai Greene debut Raw after wrestlemania confirm 😂 😂

New WWE universal champion

Kay in wwe wil be AWESOME

A fan also questioned that why is he not doing WWE: 

Why don’t you do WWE?

Other fans wrote: 

Kai would be the best thing to happen in WWE or any other wrestling brand in a long time! He has all the talent, strength and size for it, the look and flexible personality!

Come on join WWE

Kai deserved more screen time in stranger things and I hope they bring him back. Kai in WWE would be crazy


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Well, looking at Kai Greene’s wrestling talent in the video it seems that he could be a great WWE player. Moreover, Greene is now an actor post his bodybuilding career. Considering his multi-talented nature, he could extend his reach to WWE as well. 

Kai Green was afraid before starting as an actor

Post-2014, Kai Greene never participated in any bodybuilding contest. Instead, he diverted to new ventures like acting. The bodybuilder has worked in many films like College Debts and Crazy Fist and later acted in Stranger Things and Pogaru.

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However, before starting with anything new, Kai felt afraid. He discussed it saying


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Fear is probably the greatest enemy of human potential.”

Definitely, Kai has overcome his fears. He is proudly acing his ventures besides bodybuilding.

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Could he also try his hand at WWE? Let us know in the comment section.




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