Supermodel Bella Hadid is famous for her breathtaking ramp walks. Although she has built herself a tremendously successful modeling career, her heart resides in the equestrian sport. However, Bella finds ways to stay connected to the sport that makes her fans happy. Recently, she shared an equestrian post that hinted to fans about her potential comeback.

Last week, Hadid posted a picture of her riding a horse like a typical equestrian athlete. It not only impressed the fans but made them think that the model was preparing to return to her dream sport. Let’s check it out!

A look at Bella Hadid’s equestrian history


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Bella Hadid’s connection with the sport was established when she began walking. Her family lived on a horse ranch for ten years in Beverly Hills. In fact, her mother, Yolanda Foster, was a hardcore equestrian enthusiast. Hence, Bella got to explore her passion for the sport from the age of three.

According to her official website, Hadid is a nationally ranked equestrian. The model dedicatedly tried her shot at making it to the 2016 Olympics. Unfortunately, she was forced to back out because of getting diagnosed with Lyme disease, a tick-borne illness.


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As a result, she returned to a modeling career. However, Bella continues to follow her passion at times. In her latest Instagram post, Hadid was seen riding a horse.

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This stirred excitement among fans, making them wonder if the model was planning to return to the sport!

Fans praise Bella Hadid for following her equestrian passion

Seeing the latest Instagram update, many speculated that she was planning to make a comeback to the sport. Fans rather seemed happy and commented on the post. Take a look.

An excited fan asked the model,“Bella returned to equestrian sport?!!!!!😊🙃”

Many showed her support for following her passion and wrote:

you do what you like so much! it’s very cool!! have the best time🌟🌟 it’s important, we love you our equestrian Bella🫶🏻🫶🏻”

“see you at competitions again made my whole day, week, year…very very happy 🐎✨”

Fans also stated that they love seeing her riding on horses:

Love seeing you back in the saddle! ✨✨✨”


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“Doing what she loves 💗💗”

It makes me so happy seeing her get into showing and riding again”

Although Hadid has not officially commented on her comeback, as of now it seems that she is contended with staying connected to the sport.


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Do you think Bella Hadid will soon make a comeback as an equestrian?