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Ahead of the Wedding, Simone Biles’s Sister Takes a Dig at Her for “Lying” With Millions

Published 03/19/2023, 1:38 AM EDT

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Rich or poor, there is one thing in common between all siblings around the world. That is, never missing the chance to mock your brother or sister. The Biles sisters are no different. Simone Biles and Adria Biles often take to their social media to pull each other’s legs. While the sisters are at it, the scene is definitely worth a good laugh for the fans. One such instance recently happened when the sisters were out together.

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While going out to eat, we often try out new delicacies. So, when the Biles sisters tried out a famous Japanese dish, Adria took a dig at Simone for her questionable choice of food.

Adria Biles does not agree with the opinion of the masses


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Earlier today, Olympic gymnast Simone Biles went out for a meal with her younger sister, Adria Biles. The duo tried the famous Japanese dish, Sushi. While Simone might have loved it, Adria did not share the same opinion. She took to her Instagram to share a story primarily featuring her sister. Adding a caption to the story, Adria wrote, “i think people who enjoy sushi are LYING.”

In the video, Simone Biles could be seen dipping her food in the soy sauce and taking a big bite thereafter. It’s clear, among the two, it was Simone Biles who enjoyed the dish whereas Adria just sat there and made faces. Millions of people around the world love to eat this Japanese dish, but Adria Biles isn’t one of them. On the contrary, Adria believes the people who claim to like it are just lying. So, through her caption, Adria implied that her elder sister was one of the alleged million liars around the world.


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Taking a dig at each other isn’t something new to these sisters. Moreover, this isn’t a one-sided affair. Simone Biles, too, doesn’t let any opportunity slip where she can troll the younger one.

Simone Biles trolls her baby sister


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These snappy attacks on each other through social media have been going on since the time the two owned an account on these platforms. As many might know, just like Simone Biles, her sister too was a gymnast once. Back in 2016, while practicing one of her moves, Adria shared the clip on her Instagram.

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In the video, the former gymnast was suspended in the air, trying out an aerial skill. As Adria mentioned in the caption that it was her first time trying out the skill, a night before, her elder sister had some thoughts to share. Taking to the comments section, Biles wrote, “bet you fell out.” However, she did add two hearts in her next comment to subtly show her encouragement.


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The Biles sisters mocking each other on social media always brings a moment of laughter to their fans.

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