Baby Biles Gives Simone Biles the Most Adorable Birthday Wish as She Turns 26

Published 03/16/2023, 7:30 AM EDT

Simone Biles had a blast on her birthday, with wishes from her fiance Jonathan Owens, family, and fans, making her day a memorable one. Recently, the gymnastics star received the cutest birthday wish from her niece Ronni Louise Biles. By now, it has become common knowledge that the three-month old Ronni has become the apple of the eye for Simone Biles. Ronni’s mother, Sammi Biles shared the delightful video message for the birthday girl on her Instagram story.

Sammi captioned this story, “Mom brain is real”, telling fans she “recorded but never posted this for aunt.” So, what was Ronni Louise’s heartwarming video that won the heart of thousands of fans? Read on to find out!

Ronni Louise’s special video message and a glimpse of Simone Biles’s unique birthday celebrations


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The video showed Ronni Louise Biles wearing an orange headband and dressed in a onesie with red and yellow flowers. Without blinking, Ronni stared while she was being recorded, occasionally letting out hiccups.

In the video’s background, Sammi’s voice can be heard cajoling her daughter to say “Happy birthday” to her TT. Sammi further added, “Sending her hiccups.” Needless to say, the charming video of Ronni Louise Biles is one of the best gifts the star gymnast received on her birthday.

Before receiving her niece’s adorable birthday wishes, Zoe Miller, her sister Adria Biles and millions of fans took turns to wish the gymnast. The gymnastics champion also shared a glimpse of her wonderful birthday celebrations with fans through an Instagram post. Dressed in a gorgeous outfit studded with sequins,  Biles gave a glimpse of her purple cake.


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The cake has a picture of Biles and Owens along with purple stars, a purple crescent moon and the words “Pisces Baby” written on it. Biles also shared fantastic birthday decorations of colorful balloons, flowers and the numbers 2 and 6 hanging in the room. The gymnast legend captioned this post, “chapter 26.”

This is not the only time Biles had shared priceless memories of her life with fans. After Ronni Louise Biles was born, Biles shared a heartfelt post of her joy.

When Simone Biles couldn’t contain her excitement about becoming an aunt

The gymnast shared this post on Twitter on 29th November 2022 after her niece was born. Biles captioned this post, “So proud to be your TT & so excited to spoil you.” 


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Biles also shared a post on Instagram, congratulating her brother Ron and her sister-in-law Sammi Biles on the new baby. Hence, it is no wonder how delighted Simone must have been upon receiving the adorable hiccup-themed birthday wishes from little Ronni.


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