Olivia Dunne vs Flau’Jae Johnson: Which LSU Athlete Gets Paid More? Net Worth, NIL Deals Compared

Published 04/13/2024, 7:09 AM EDT

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In the realm of collegiate athletics, the clash between Olivia Dunne and Flau’Jae Johnson ignites curiosity about their earnings and endorsement potential. Olivia Dunne, renowned for her gymnastics prowess at LSU, and Flau’jae Johnson stand out among the decorated players on the Tigers’ loaded roster with their exceptional talents. 

As the world shifts with NIL deals opening new avenues for athletes’ earnings, comparing their net worth promises insights into the evolving dynamics of sports and sponsorships. Let’s delve into the financial stature of these LSU athletes to understand who gets a higher paycheck and endorsement portfolio.

Comparing earnings: Olivia Dunne and Flau’Jae Johnson’s net worth


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In a recent X post by Front Office Sports, Flau’jae Johnson is seen flaunting her new Mercedes AMG G63 worth about $180,000 captioning, LSU star Flau’jae Johnson has signed NIL deals with brands like Puma, Experian, Powerade, JBL, and TurboTax. Now, she has a Mercedes AMG G63 worth about $180,000.Flau’jae Johnson has a significant influence in the sports arena, with her prowess in basketball making quite a few resounding victories. She made a name for herself in rap, securing a record deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. Johnson has a substantial social media presence with 1.7 million Instagram followers, 1.4 million TikTok followers, 104,000 followers on X, and 195,000 YouTube subscribers. According to sources, her net worth is around $1.5 million as of April 2024.


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On the other hand, Olivia Dunne, who not only dominated the gymnastic world but also amassed significant wealth through NIL deals has been garnering immense moolah already. Dunne is highly active on social media, boasting 5.1 million followers on her personal Instagram.  However, Angel Reese isn’t the only LSU athlete getting attention in this era of NIL prominence. Dunne confidently asserts her value in a world where sports, finance, and personal branding intersect. She stated, People need to understand that I’ve worked for everything I’ve earned. I’ve spent years building an audience, and brands pay me for what they believe is worth the reach of the demographic that I offer”. Olivia Dunne appears to be self-made, making a net worth of around $2.3 million approx. 

NIL value clash: Olivia Dunne vs. Flau’Jae Johnson, a survival of the fittest

LSU epitomizes the NIL trend, with Livvy Dunne as the most followed college athlete, landing many NIL deals. Flau’jae Johnson, a renowned rapper, was also SEC Freshman of the Year in her first year at LSU. Flau’Jae Johnson’s NIL deals includes Experian, Puma, Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, Powerade, JBL Audio, Tampax (with Angel Reese), Amazon, Uninterrupted by LeBron James (for varsity jackets) and Campus Ink. According to On3 NIL valuation, Johnson’s NIL value is estimated at $1.1 million. 


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Whereas Olivia Dunne’s partnerships with li with famous brands like ESPN, American Eagle, Grubhub, Linktree, BodyArmor, Sports Illustrated, and Motorola. Dunne ranks third on the NIL 100 list with $3.5 million in deals, behind Bronny James ($7.2 million) and Arch Manning ($3.8 million), both benefiting from family pro sports legacies. In 10 weeks, Dunne’s NIL surged by $242,000, making her the highest-earning collegiate gymnast ever, exceeding Lee of Auburn by $2.1 million. 

The LSU trio now leads the On3 Women’s NIL 100, which ranks the top 100 female athletes based on their On3 NIL Valuations. Dunne leads with a $3.4 million On3 NIL Valuation, followed by Reese at $1.4 million and Johnson at $812,000. All three are in the On3 NIL 100, a first-of-its-kind ranking of top high school and college athletes.


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