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“Bet You Fell Out”: Simone Biles Once Took a Dig at Sister Adria Trying Out a New Gymnastics Skill

Published 10/13/2022, 8:45 AM EDT

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Simone Biles has got bundles of talent. The gymnastics G.O.A.T became the youngest recipient of The Presidential Medal of Freedom for her unparalleled achievements and contributions to the sport. She has tackled several challenges to attain this position, to say the least. And this is what has given a serious definition to Biles’ personality. However, beneath all this, she has a funny and chirpy side too.

Among Simone’s siblings, Adria Biles is the most familiar one. They have shared a great connection ever since their childhood. Growing up together in foster care until being adopted, the elder sister, Simone is very protective of Adria. However, occasionally, they pick on each other too. In a 2016 post on Instagram, Simone pulled Adria’s leg in a comment.


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Simone Biles reacted to Adria’s trials

Simone and Adria are very active on social media. In 2016, while Adria was undergoing her gymnastics routines, she posted a boomerang video bite of her trying a new skill. In the post, Adria is seen using aerial silks to suspend herself and balance on her waist parallel to the floor.

The caption read, “tried silks last night for the first time😛”  The post received several comments before Simone sent hers. “bet you fell out,” she commented. Before this, she sent an emoji of two hearts in a loop. Safe to say, she played the good sister and naughty sister at once. With the hearts emoji, she displayed encouragement. However, she revealed the typical mischievous sister her age in the next comment.


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Following her sister’s footsteps, Adria trained in gymnastics too. She was a level 9 gymnast training level 10 before she abandoned the sport at the age of 17.

Simone and Adria, then and now


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The Biles sisters began their journey together under the same roof. They were adopted by their maternal grandparents after staying in foster care in their early childhood. Simone Biles took gymnastics as a career priority in her teenage and left no stone unturned to become the most decorated gymnast ever.

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On the other hand, Adria, two years younger, was also proving herself in the sport. However, the mounting pressure and comments on Adria winning forced her to quit. Simone’s fans didn’t appreciate Adria’s victories for obvious reasons. These changes and events made no difference to them. They still maintain a warm relationship and are supportive of each other.


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Adria was shot to stardom after she participated in the ‘Claim to Fame’ contest. She made her presence felt, thus creating recognition for her.



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