Oksana Chusovitina was all set to enter into her ninth Olympic competition when tragedy struck. Her qualification was almost confirmed when the legendary Uzbekistani artistic gymnast injured herself during a floor routine while preparing for the Asian Championship. While the injury is definitely a huge setback, her absence from Paris would, in no way, diminish her greatness. With over 10 professional gold medals while representing three countries, Chusovitina’s three-decade-long reign of domination speaks volumes about her greatness. 

However, even though it seems all hopes are lost, recent rumors have ignited a flame of hope among her fans to see Chusovitina in Paris. While it seems pretty far-fetched, the alleged reports coming in portray a petition that has been supported by two countries. And while the IOC is not obliged to give in to the petition, Chusovitina’s legendary status might just open a miracle door for her. 

Oksana Chusovitina coming to Paris? 


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A recent Reddit post has ignited the possibility of Oksana Chusovitina being granted a place at the Paris Olympics 2024. According to the reports, both, the German and the Uzbek federations have submitted petitions to the IOC for allowing Chusovitina. The post also alleged that the information was picked up during the commentary of German Championships from Kim Bui. While the petition has not asked the IOC to replace any athlete, it is advocating for a special quota that Chusovitina can make use of. 

Interestingly, the post mentioned the fact that the German Federation is a part of this alleged petition. This is welcome news as indeed, Germany has the right to support Chusovitina since she was a former representative of Germany in the Olympics. But realistically, the chances of the petition materializing are slim. The IOC has its set of rules and they are in no way compelled to allow the inclusion. However, they do have the power to exercise a special right to indeed make the petition go through. 

Thus, all in all, the rumors surrounding Chusovitina are gaining momentum as Paris approaches. Meanwhile, the legend herself is focused on qualifying for the LA2028 Olympics at 52 years of age. Speaking on the topic, the gymnast stated, “Yes…you’ll see me in 2028!!!” With confidence oozing out from Chusovitina’s voice, her fans are not ready to wait for 4 more years. Thus, they are viciously rooting for the alleged petition to come to fruition. 

Fans buzzing with excitement to watch Oksana Chusovitina in Paris

As soon as the Reddit post was published, it immediately garnered immense traffic from the fans. And needless to say, most of them badly wanted the rumor to come true. 

Chusovitina has been known for her extraordinary longevity. And allegedly she is being supported by the German and Uzbek Federations in petitioning the IOC for a special spot at the 2024 Paris Olympics. The appeal is for an exceptional waiver, not affecting existing quotas. While her sustained career is remarkable, some fans argue that she should qualify through standard Olympic procedures like all athletes rather than receive special treatment due to her age and history. On the same line, one fan commented, “Unpopular opinion but I’m not of the opinion that she’s entitled to go to the Olympics just because of her age and record-breaking potential. Her longevity is impressive but she should go through the same process to get to the Olympics as everyone else.”


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Emphasizing the legendary status of Chusovitina fans want her to be a part of the 2024 Summer Olympics. Despite her recent injury, fans want her to secure a special entry. One fan wrote, “please let this happen!! Although I am not sure if Chusa is prepared as she was recently injured?”

Several gymnastics enthusiasts hope that the IOC grants Oksana Chusovitina, a legendary gymnast, a special spot in the Paris Olympics, bypassing normal qualifications. One fan wished a similar unique opportunity to be granted to Danish legendary gymnast Camille Rasmussen. The fan wrote, “I would love that for her, but I wish there was a loophole for Camille Rasmussen as well 🥺 I really think she deserves it, and would be the first woman from Denmark competing in artistic gymnastics in like 60+ years at the Olympics!”

Despite Chusovitina’s injury and her not qualifying traditionally, one fan voiced that she (Chusovitina) should be getting a permanent spot due to her exceptional career spanning eight Olympic Games. The fan mentioned, “Hell, there should be a spot for her at any future Olympics she wants to compete at!”


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While fans are enthusiastic about her probable entry to the Paris Olympics, one fan tried to evaluate Chusovitina’s situation pragmatically. The fan wrote, “Even if she they accept the petition, could she do any gymnastics? I don’t know what type of injury she has but heard rumors it was an Achilles injury on which case she probably can’t physically do much gymnastics.”

Thus, with the general consensus indicating a miraculous entry for Oksana Chusovitina, it will be interesting to see what the future holds.