“Getting a Real Job”: Olivia Dunne’s Sister Mocks LSU Queen Despite $3.3 Million NIL Worth and TikTok Fame

Published 04/22/2024, 10:08 PM EDT

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We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that Olivia Dunne might be the most starry poster girl out there for the NIL domain. Her sister Julz Dunne might have to conceal her lighthearted jabs considering that her sister has teamed up with behemoths like BodyArmour, Motorola, and ESPN, charting greener pastures. While this is laudable for a 21-year-old, her sister seems to be getting a sliver of the money pie too, being the brainchild of her social media operation. On the flip side, though, Dunne was recently at the receiving end of her sister’s playful cheeky jabs.

For Olivia Dunne and LSU, the celebrations continued as the team received their first national title at Fort Worth on April 20. To thank her supporters, Livvy and some of the LSU Tigers’ stars will be at Raising Cane’s, for an interactive session and also playing a role behind the counters serving meals to the fans.

As the 21-year-old gymnast shared her excitement about the meet with fans, her sister Julz did not want to miss the chance to pull Livvy’s leg. Julz mocked her sister who boasts an enormous chunk of money from her Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) deals and social media engagements by congratulating her on “getting a real job,” even though Olivia Dunne’s reply to sister Julz’s post is still unknown, we can expect her to fire back since this isn’t the only immutable evidence of their feisty cheekiness.


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Harkening back to Halloween of 2023, it saw Dunne don a Game of Thrones-inspired character garb, much to everyone’s brickbats, compliments, and whatnot. Dunne aka Khaleesi wasn’t spared by her sister’s jabs. Julz went on to question her sister –” Have you even watched GOT’? Olivia Dunne was quick to respond with a weapon in her arsenal, which was a hilarious video of a young boy mouthing off to a news reporter saying –“wouldn’t you like to know, weather boy’?. Olivia quipped the same to her Goddess of Mischief sister Julz Dunne.

Cut to this year’s jabbing misadventures, this message from Julz was shared alongside the poster announcing the national champs “serving up a meal” at Cane’s outlet in Baton Rouge on April 23.


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Dunne will get a chance to share the platform with compatriots like Savannah Schoenherr, Haleigh Bryant, Aleah Finnegan, Konnor McClain, and Kiya Johnson. All these performers will gather up at Cane’s on the mentioned day, not in purple leotards but with the same cherished faces. As far as Olivia Dunne’s earnings are concerned, sister Julz’s poking at her might give comic relief as there’s more to the story than meets the eye. 

Olivia Dunne and Julz’s shenanigans are nothing new

Well, now that it’s established that these two are ride or die, at least for sparing no expense at making fun of each other, what other anecdotes or their rib-tickling jabbing are prevailing though? Underscoring some more instances would give us a more vivid picture of their relationship. During LSU Senior Night this year, Olivia Dunne took to her IG to post some heartwarming moments of LSU vanquishing all odds and rising to glory.


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As per tradition, Julz Dunne entered the chat quite ceremoniously, only to engage in some verbal jousting with her sister. A carousel of pictures ensued, with Julz Dunne popping her head in next to her sister in complete fanfare. Olivia captioned the post as –“mood: 👵🏼 #seniornight”. Julz realized that her picture was unflattering, to say the least, and was in awe that she was done dirty on celluloid. She bemoaned –“I can’t believe you just did me like that.” The tide seemed to pass as Julz later posted it on her IG with the caption –forever cheering you on.” 


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Another that’s one to remember was when Olivia Dunne celebrated her 21st birthday in style and razzmatazz on October 1st last year. Well, the cat dragged in Julz Dunne, who left no stone unturned to poke fun at her sister on her big day. Amidst a flurry of positive messages, Julz quipped with a retort, saying that she rightfully needs her ID back as Olivia has turned the legal age now. With their relationship being a testament to one filled with joy, fun, and laughter, they make sure that all of their jabs are in good humor. We’d be hard-pressed to find a more formidable duo of sisters out there.


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