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“I Love My Niece”: Aunt Simone Biles Gushes Over the Adorable Baby Biles

Published 03/17/2023, 12:10 AM EDT

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Presently, Simone Biles is busy planning her wedding with Jonathan Owens. However, that doesn’t mean she has no time for family, especially the newest member. In November 2022, Biles‘ family welcomed their youngest member, Ronni Biles. Baby Biles soon became the apple of the eye of the famous gymnast too. Simone often shares photos and videos of her niece on her social media account.

Earlier, she shared yet another clip featuring the adorable baby.

Simone Biles spends quality time with her niece


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On 16th March 2023, Simone Biles took to her Snapchat to share a video story with her fans. In the video, Biles was holding an adorable chubby baby. The baby was none other than her brother, Ronald Biles’ daughter, Ronni Biles.

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In the self-recorded video, Biles securely held the baby with one hand from the back, while the baby comfortably rested on her aunt. The aunt-niece duo seems to be lazing around on the couch wearing contrasting outfits. While Simone wore a black sweatshirt, the baby was wearing a peach onesie. Adding a caption to the video, Biles wrote, “i love my niece 🥹❤.”


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The presence of the little one brightens up the day for the gymnast. Also, the special gift from the three-month-old baby for her aunt on her birthday can vouch for that.

A special gift from baby Biles for her aunt


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The Olympic gymnast celebrated her 26th birthday with her loved ones on 14th March. Everyone put in their fair share of effort to make sure Biles had a memorable birthday. Her fiancé surprised her with flowers, balloons, and cakes, which he handpicked for her. Fans, too, flooded her social media with good wishes.

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Adding the cherry on the cake was the video Sammi Biles shared. Simone’s sister-in-law posted a video message of Baby Biles wishing the gymnast her birthday in her own cute way. Following her motherly instincts, Sammi switched on the camera which enabled her to capture the moment. In the video, the baby was directly staring into the camera without blinking. In the background, her mother could be heard encouraging her to say the words “Happy Birthday.” While the young baby couldn’t possibly speak the words, she showed her acknowledgment and enthusiasm to wish her aunt with her hiccups.


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The adorable video is bound to have melted the heart of the gymnast even more. And not even two days later, Simone Biles is once again back with the baby in her arms. What do you think of this adorable aunt-niece relationship?



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