“I’ve Cried in the Gym”: Simone Biles Doesn’t Believe She Would Be a Good Guide for Upcoming Gymnasts

Published 08/31/2022, 11:30 AM EDT

Simone Biles has won multiple medals at the Olympic games. In her debut Olympics at Rio, she won 5 medals in total out of which 4 were gold. Her stellar performance in Rio was appreciated by many. After her successful campaign at Rio, Simone believes that she has gotten a voice.

Notably, she is one of the most influential sportspersons in the world presently. In the process of achieving greatness, Simone has inspired a lot of people along the way. The Olympic gold medalist revealed her plans in an interview.


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Simone Biles revealed her future plans

Simone had the spotlight on her ever since she won the gold medal at the World Championships during her debut. She has a huge fan following, who are curious to know about every detail of her life. Biles frequently appears on shows as a guest and answers a lot of questions from her fans.

UNSPECIFIED – OCTOBER 05: In this screengrab, Simone Biles presents the Gracies Grand Award at the 46th Annual Gracie Awards on October 05, 2021. (Photo by Alliance for Women in Media Foundation/Getty Images for Alliance for Women in Media Foundation)

During an interview with OZY, Simone answered a lot of questions. The interview was taken at her house. Simone’s coach Aimee Boorman revealed how most female gymnasts peak at the age of 17 and peter out by 20. After which they either stick around the sport by coaching or just move on with their lives. Simone speaking on her life after retiring from gymnastics said, “I don’t want to coach afterward.”


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Further speaking on that, Simone said that she would prefer to be a nurse like her mother. Simone doesn’t believe that she would be a good guide for upcoming gymnasts. “I think of how many hours I’ve sacrificed and how many times I’ve cried in the gym, and I think I would be way too easy on my students. I’d be like, ‘Yeah, go home”, she said.

Simone’s relationship with her parents


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Simone always credited her parents, Ronald Biles and Nellie Biles. She acknowledged the sacrifices that they made to support her gymnastics career. However, they are not Simone’s biological parents. Simone’s biological mother, Shanon Biles was struggling with alcohol issues and was hence unable to take care of Simone. The Olympic gold medalist was placed in foster care at the age of 3. Simone was adopted by her maternal grandparents in 2003.

Due to Simone’s rigorous training schedule, she was homeschooled. After her father retired from the FAA, he would teach Simone for four hours every day in between her gym sessions. On the other hand, her mother Nellie owned fourteen nursing homes. Nellie sold her business to construct a gym for Simone and support her gymnastics career.


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