“Jaw Drops, Chokes, Almost Passes Out”: Simone Biles’ 18th Birthday Wish Left Her Mother Gasping for Breath

Published 10/25/2022, 10:45 AM EDT

Simone Biles, the most decorated gymnast and the youngest recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, is a born dare-devil. Whether trying dangerous maneuvers or raising her voice against sensitive subjects, she has demonstrated an unflinching spirit to give her fullest. Well, similar is her spirit while playing a prank.

Simone’s birth mom struggled with addiction. Hence, Simone lived in foster care until her grandparents, Ron and Nellie, formally adopted her when she was six. Ever since then, they became her dad and mom. Simone shares a great connection with them. In a 2015 Tweet, the 18-year-old Simone shared a cute moment with her mom when she asked for a birthday gift.


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Simone Biles shared a hilarious conversation in the tweet

In the dialogue Simone shared on the tweet two months before her birthday on the 14th of March, she wrote, “mom: tell me what you want for your birthday. 18 me: go clubbing” What followed next is sure to leave one in splits. She continued the tweet, “mom: *jaw drops, chokes, almost passes out*, me: I’m kidding mom. lol”

Although Simone ruled the mat, winning world championships and all-around titles, she carried a humble and down-to-earth demeanor. Just like every other teenager, perhaps she was excited too to go clubbing and partying.


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One can’t deny that Simone was a very responsible and dutiful child. She always considered her parents with respect and love. They have played an instrumental role in building her career in gymnastics. They have been her support system through thick and thin.


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Biles and her rapport with her parents

In the 2016 Olympics, a gymnastics announcer tweeted they could be her mom and dad, but they were not her parents. He received severe backlash for making such a statement. Later, in an interview, Simone opened up about her family stating, “When I was younger, I was adopted by my grandparents, which are now my parents. I call them Mom and Dad. Everything’s just been so normal.”


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Simone’s parents recognized her potential when she was seen playfully somersaulting at home and enrolled her in gymnastics classes. She made a sincere effort and attained a position that the world now looks up to her. Her parents’ timely decision has given the world a gymnast par excellence. Even though they are not her birth parents, they make a great family and set an example for grandparents building a winning family.

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