After Hinting on Her Financial Issues, Struggling Simone Biles Wants a ‘Sugar Daddy’ Months Before Her Wedding With Jonathan Owens

Published 03/17/2023, 1:50 AM EDT

Preparations for Simone Biles’ awaited wedding with Jonathan Owens are in full swing. It is believed that the wedding would be a private yet grand event. As it looks like, planning her dream wedding has caused a huge blow to the millionaire’s pocket. Usually a careful spender, Simone Biles has become a spendthrift for things related to her wedding. From her wedding dress to her expensive bachelorette vacation, Biles has been swiping her credit cards left and right for some time now. But it is only now that the gymnast has taken the time to look at her bills.

Needless to say, these bills have been giving her a tough time. As a result, the gymnast worth $16 million is now looking for a sponsor. However, there is a condition attached.

Simone Biles looks for a ‘sugar daddy’


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Planning her big fat wedding has brought back Biles’ fear of going broke. But instead of waiting for the day, when she goes broke, which will probably never arrive, Biles has started working on her backup plan. The soon-to-be bride is currently looking for a benefactor. Late night on 16th March 2023, Biles tweeted, “i just checked my credit card statement, i need a sugar daddy LMAO.”

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Adding her little twist to the advertisement, Biles later took to Instagram to add the condition to her original tweet. Turns out the gymnast is looking for a benefactor who would need nothing in return. Sharing a screenshot of her ‘sugar daddy’ tweet on her Instagram story, Biles added the caption, “that don’t need no sugar.”


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While Biles is now explicitly sharing her thoughts about her crippling finances, earlier that day, Simone Biles had dropped a story hinting about the same.

Biles fears going broke because of her wedding


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Simone Biles has always been vocal about her fear of going broke. This fear has always kept the millionaire from spending unnecessarily. But spending on her wedding or the new house, to start her new life with Owens, are expenses she cannot avoid. Naturally, the two things are nothing but expensive. With that, the gymnast worries after paying for the abovementioned two things, the couple won’t be left with enough money to go out.

Taking to her Snapchat, Biles shared a video story with Owens yesterday. In the story, Biles captured the two of them with the devil filter on. Indirectly talking about her finances, Biles added the caption, “Don’t invite us nowhere. We will probably be inside for the rest of our lives when we pay for this house & wedding.”


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Though a wedding won’t empty her bank account or her partner’s, it’s endearing to see the millionaire fretting about splurging, for once.



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