LSU Gymnast Olivia Dunne Returns to Gymnastics After TikTok Ban and Injury

Published 02/04/2023, 8:15 AM EST

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Although she is just 20 years old, gymnast Olivia Dunne has already reached great fame due to her social media presence. Hence, her absence on the mat for the last couple of months left many fans upset. However, after being sidelined due to a leg injury and the recent TikTok glitch, Dunne recently shared some happy updates with her millions of fans.

With the first NIL athlete preparing to make an impactful comeback to her sport, her recent updates come as a blessing for the fan base. Here is what the social media star posted.

Olivia Dunne is back to training!


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In December, Dunne suffered a foot injury, which kept her from participating in gymnastics competitions in any capacity. The star had shared the injury update with her fans by donning a Wonder-Woman-inspired leotard and a protective boot on her leg. Thus, her followers worried for the young gymnast and wondered when she will be back to training.

However, after a couple of disappointing news, including a temporary TikTok ban, Dunne recently shared a positive update with her fans. Apparently, it looks like it did not take long for the 2020–21 NCAA debutant to recover from the injury. In her recent Instagram story, ‘livvydunne’ posted a picture of herself in a leotard, without any protective boot, and a caption, “TIGER DUB!🔝🐯


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Besides, the LSU gymnast had also shared a clip of herself flaunting her skills on the uneven bars. Although her leg was still wrapped in a white bandage, it did not seem to trouble her routine. But it is unsure if the gymnast will participate in any upcoming events. However, Dunne will definitely keep her fans updated on the situation now that her account is back on TikTok.

What was Dunne’s TikTok ban all about?


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From being a millionaire at 18 to her teenage fans causing chaos outside gymnastics stadiums, it became a common occurrence that the headlines on Dunne flashed in various degrees. However, recently things elevated as the TikTok star’s account was mysteriously banned. Dunne, who has 6.6 million followers on the app, also seemed to have no idea about the situation.

Her fans seemed extremely worried about the ban and took to other social media platforms to share their concerns. Nonetheless, within a few hours, her account was back up again, letting fans sigh in relief. Due to social media, Dunne has become a millionaire, leaving behind several celebrities and fellow athletes in terms of followers.


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However, the athlete has not let all this fame affect her performance. She is considered one of the most promising gymnasts in the US. Hopefully, Dunne will also be back to competing soon.



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