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Jonathan Owens' heartfelt prayers—how important is emotional support during such devastating times?

Time and tide wait for no man. The latter though works its calamitous havoc on all and sundry, in discriminatory. Home is where the heart is, but what happens when disaster strikes? Recently, Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens, who reside in a $2 million mansion in Houston, Texas, found themselves in the thick of it. Following historic Hurricane Beryl’s third and final landfall on July 9th, the Houston metro and East Texas communities were buzzing with activity as chainsaws roared and generators hummed. The hurricane wreaked unprecedented havoc, leaving 2.7 million outages to sizzle without power. Homes upturned, lives ruptured, and whatnot, it wasn’t a sight to behold at all.

Hurricane Beryl slammed into the Texas coast near Matagorda as a powerful Category 1 storm, bringing wind gusts exceeding 90 mph, a 3-6 foot storm surge, and torrents of rain that poured down like cats and dogs. The region bore the brunt of the storm, with reports of widespread flooding and submerged vehicles. Well, the scene was truly heartbreaking! However, for Jonathan Owens, it struck a personal chord.


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Simone Biles’ husband, NFL player, Jonathan Owens, took to Instagram and reshared a post from the Houston Chronicle’s Instagram page that painted a clear picture of the disaster’s impact, showing flooded streets and fallen trees like scenes straight out of a nightmare. However, he captioned it as, “Hurricane Beryl came down on the Houston region and south Texas Monday, bringing heavy rain, flooding and damage to the area.”

He further added, “Praying for everyone without power still I couldn’t imagine with this heat, stay safe.” As recovery and cleanup efforts forge ahead in southeast Texas, particularly in the Houston area, a scorching heatwave has settled in, compounding the challenges. Amidst these challenges, Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens are building their ever-so-dream house.

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens hit a home run with their dream home

In the same city i.e Houston, Texas, Simone Biles has been overseeing the construction of her dream home since last year. She’s been hands-on in selecting every detail, from kitchen countertops and islands to flooring and expansive sliding glass doors to tiles. Her journey began with sharing tile samples on social media in December 2022, kicking off what she describes as a labor of love. They started clearing the lot in February 2023 and laid the foundation by June of that year.

Progress has been steady, with the structure now rising to reveal spacious interiors, high ceilings, and windows that bring in abundant natural light. The wide glass doors she’s chosen merge indoor and outdoor living spaces. Biles has eagerly shared milestones like the finishing touches on the stucco and the installation of white stone accents. With each update, Biles conveys her excitement and anticipation for her dream home, where she envisions ample space for her wardrobe and every comfort she’s dreamed of. But with time, it will be ready; after all, facing challenges is part of the course of life!