Jonathan Owens’s recent move to switch his allegiance to the Green Bay Packers shocked and saddened several NFL fans. Signing a contract with the Green Bay Packers, Owens was supported by his wife, gymnastics champion  Simone Biles. Recently, NFL shared an Instagram post that displayed Biles and Owens at Landeau Field, where Owens signed the contract which received entertaining fan reactions.
Fans speculated about what qualities the kids will inherit after Biles disclosed on Instagram that she would like to have two kids in the future whereas Owens desired three. Further, she also told that at present, she was on birth control and had inserted an IUD device to prevent pregnancy. The fact that Biles and Owens have achieved phenomenal success in their sports careers made some fans post out-of-the-box comments about what will the couple’s kids be like. While Biles won 25 World Championship medals, Owens is known for his amazing performances playing for the Houston Texans.  Here is a glimpse of the best highlights of the power couple which led fans to make amusing comments.

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens’s success inspire fans to think about their kids

Winning 7 medals in the Olympics for her gymnastics prowess, Biles has confidence, courage, and immense talent. On the other hand, Owens has achieved more than 90 tackles and is regarded as one of the best football safeties today.
While Owens accomplished more than 22 assists, Biles performed her routines perfectly in the vault, floor exercise, and balance beam events. The power couple has shown tremendous balance, coordination, energy, and enthusiasm in their respective sports.
Not only this, both players have pushed themselves to extreme limits to perfect themselves in their sports. While Biles has rigorously practiced gymnastics under the guidance of Aimee Boorman and Cecile Landi, Owens has rigorous practice with Antonio Cromartie who played as a cornerback in the NFL. This dedication has led both players to achieve tremendous success in their respective sports, increasing fans’ expectations. After viewing NFL’s recent post, fans who were reminded of Biles and Owens’s prowess made intriguing comments about their future kids.

Fans make surprising and unexpected comments

A fan with the Instagram handle ambitiousgreen said, “Their child is gonna be a beast.” The comment depicts the perspective of how the couple’s kid is expected to the kid to be strong like Owens and Biles. Another response read, “Kid genetics gon be INSANE.” Clearly, the kids are expected to inherit balance, stability, good reflexes, and a love for sports from the power couple.


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Later, a comment from the IG handle nonowatson209 read “Their babies are gonna be crazy athletic.” Echoing a similar opinion, cincysportshh said, “Theyre going to have a really athletic kid.” Post this, another comment read, “Their baby running 4.2 easy lol.” Clearly, there is a view that the kid will inherit speed from Owens who completed a 40-yard dash in 4.43 seconds.
Fans’ comments are a testament to their high hopes for the power couple’s future kids. While Biles has expressed a desire to start her own family in the future and have two kids, it remains to be seen what the future holds.