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The Olympics are almost here, and the USA’s top gymnasts are all vying for a spot in the national team. Ahead of the big showdown, the stars will have to hop past the last obstacle in June as the National Team Trials beckon in Minneapolis. However, it looks like not everyone has cut the training camp, and Auburn’s star gymnast Suni Lee unfortunately is the latest one to join the list.

The US Olympics apex body has released a list containing 18 artistic gymnasts who are invited to the national training camp on March 28. The list boasts some impressive talents including Simone Biles, Jordan Chiles, Shilese Jones, and others. However, it looks to be silent about the 2020 Olympic gold medalist Suni Lee.

Moments ago, the absence of Gabby Douglas from the list caused an uproar from the gymnastics community in the country. And now, fans of the 2022 NCAA champ Suni may also join the protests as the national team camp chooses to keep mum about her. With the 2024 Winter Cup failing to yield the desirable results for Lee, her missing out on the upcoming camp might be another sign that she needs to up her game once more.

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