Simone Biles is preparing herself for her next target–the 2024 Xfinity US Gymnastics Championships–which will take place from May 30 to June 2. After her domination at the Core Hydration Classic last week, the excitement to watch her go for gold again is palpable among her fans. And once again, the youngest Biles family member, Ronni Biles, is ready to be her aunt’s biggest cheerleader!

When Baby Biles came into the world in November 2022, little did she know that she was born into the family of one of the greatest gymnasts the world has ever seen. But as she’s grown older with each passing month, it looks like her love for Simone Biles and gymnastics (or possibly just the colorful leotards) has grown, too! Could she be following in the footsteps of her 27-year-old aunt? Well, a post by Ronni’s mother, Sammi Biles, sure suggested it…

The World Champions Center. It’s the gym where Simone Biles has spent so much of her life training. And recently, her niece visited to take in the atmosphere steeped in history. Baby Biles wore a blue leotard with colorful designs, and Sammi wrote, “how do you say? là où tout commence (where is all begins)🤸🏽‍♀️✨🇫🇷 ft tiny gymnast with big dreams💫Considering Ronni’s parents have reiterated how much she loves Simone, the gymnastics world could very well see another Biles in a few years’ time. And, well, there’s also Sammi’s recent TikTok that may have pointed to Ronni going down Simone’s route.


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In Sammi’s TikTok, Ronni was wearing a pink leotard, but it wasn’t just an ordinary one. It was the same one in which Simone Biles competed at the Core Hydration Classis, where she won gold medals in the team, all-around, floor exercise, and balance beam events. She also bagged the silver in the vault. Ronni’s leotard came from GK Elite, the same brand that the legendary gymnast endorses and prefers as her sporting wear. Visibly elated, Sammi framed Baby Biles’ excitement as she tried on the leotard for the first time.

The text on the TikTok read, “POV: your toddler loves the mirror while trying on her new leotard.” Does she get her confidence from Simone Biles? It looks like she does. Pointing to that and her similarity to her aunt in the pink leotard, Sammi added, “loving this confident era. clearly pumped about her TT replica leotard from @GK Elite.” In the video, Baby Biles threw her hands in the air, visibly awestruck by her appearance in the leotard as she admired herself in the mirror. Interestingly, this wasn’t the first time she wore a pink one similar to Biles’.

A few days ago, Ronni donned multiple leotards, emulating Simone Biles. One of them was a gift from Simone’s coach, Cecile Landi. Surprisingly, from her myriad choices, the one-and-a-half-year-old preferred the one her aunt wore in the 2024 Core Hydration training camp. That’s not all, though. When we say she’s Simone’s biggest cheerleader, we mean that she ditched watching her educational videos to watch her aunt’s remarkable performance during the Core Hydration Classic instead.

Sammi Biles shared a picture of Ronni the morning after the event, dedicating a “Congratulations” to her aunt. The Instagram story further read, “Miss Rachel 9an educational YouTube channel for babies) got the boot this morning bc little miss threw a fit & wanted to watch TT’s highlights from last night instead via YouTube.

While Ronni did acknowledge a splendid performance, that’s not to say she’s biased toward her aunt, Simone. In fact, she’s shown her admiration for other gymnasts, too. Fans witnessed one such example a few days back. 

Simone Biles remains backstage while her rival makes the cut 

Sammi Biles keeps updating fans about her daughter’s gymnastic activities. In one such update, Ronni ended up cheering for Melanie Santos, the 23-year-old French rival of Simone Biles. The artistic moves of the French gymnast seemed to impress the budding ‘gymnast’ as she took a thorough interest in watching them.


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This French connection somehow worked again when Ronni Biles appeared in the World Champion Centre this month to witness Simone Biles’ training under the tutelage of Cecile Landi, the former French gymnast. There, Baby Biles acted as a mindful student, trying to get a hold of the routines.


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After seeing her niece on the sidelines, the elated aunt took to social media to relish her joy. While sharing a photo from that moment, Simone Biles captioned it, “WCC’s newest elite team member, my niece Ronni.The episode of embracing the sport continues as Baby Biles thoroughly emulates her aunt.

Simone started her gymnastics career at the age of six on a day-care field trip. Is Ronni going to beat her by starting early? Well, if that happens, nobody will be more elated than Simone Biles herself!