“Very Upset”: Simone Biles’ Coach Cecile Landi Claps Back at Gymnastics World After 24-Year-Old Championship Medalist’s Trolling

Published 04/01/2024, 8:39 PM EDT

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In the recently concluded FIG World Challenge Cup, coach Cecile Landi’s hope was settled on a French gymnastics student in the absence of Simone Biles. However, being an emphatic performer, the French gymnast tried to capitalize on the chance in the contest. Eventually, her performance on the uneven bars attracted a lot of praise and the top podium in Antalya. However, she couldn’t repeat that finesse in the subsequent event of floor exercise. Despite a lot of practice, the ultimate juggernaut felt heavy for Simone Biles’ training mate. 

Allegedly, the failure reason went to the choice of music and all peripherals. Since then, several exchanges of words have made the situation clumsy. 

Simone Biles’ coach gives a holistic taste of the situation


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Allegedly, Cecile Landi made no mistake by hurling back at the criticism faced by her student Melanie de Jesus dos Santos. The French gymnast failed to earn the top spot in the floor exercise of the FIG World Challenge Cup in Antalya last evening. Then a barrage of attacks were lined up for her on social media. Taking cognizance of that, Simone Biles’ and Melanie’s coach came forth with a strong post.

She wrote, “My least favourite thing to read are comments from people behind their screens criticizing the athletes so harshly.” Soon, she requested the audience to be respectful to the gymnasts who were shedding sweat to present the performance. However, things didn’t stop there as Katherine Keirns, a gymnastics fan, noted Cecile’s argument. 


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She placed her rejoinder by claiming, “Worth noting that I’ve seen no one blame or attack Melanie for her floor. What I’ve seen people question Cecile about composition choices.”  Rather, she blamed Cecile Landi for being “passive aggressive”. Soon, Simone Biles’ HC tried to douse water on the situation. 


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In her admittance, she penned down, “I can take it but when my athletes text , call or talk about comments they’ve read and are very upset, I’ll say something. This wasn’t passive aggressive but a simple message to be kind and think before writing anything.”However, as of now, things look to be settled down. Meanwhile, Cecile Landi’s phenomenal coaching philosophy seemed to see lights in between this fiasco. 

Cecile Landi’s coaching book stands with pupils 

While taking a stand for Melanie, Cecile Landi repeatedly clarified the stress the gymnasts are taking. That almost felt similar to her statements before the Tokyo Olympics Games. Having gymnasts like Simone Biles and other champion gymnasts under her tutelage, the veteran coach prioritized the mental health part. 


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In her admittance, she stated, “Mental health became more and more [important] in the past five years, I would say.” Moreover, she pacified Simone Biles and others with her suggestions and helping approach. “Talking with Simone and with the girls… I just want them to know that they can tell me anything. I watch the body language a lot, I try to see,” Cecile claimed then. This supportive avatar appeared again, this time, for her talented student. 

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