“Made That Look Effortless”: Wonho Kang’s 584-Pound Squat at Special Olympics World Games Stuns Crowd

Published 06/23/2023, 2:19 PM EDT

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In the realm of powerlifting, athletes engage in a battle of strength, employing specific techniques to surpass their rivals. Yet, within Special Olympics, powerlifting transcends the conventional deadlifts, squats, and bench presses. Like Tokyo Olympics, this event’s success hinges on dedicated training, unwavering determination, and a resolute mindset. 

The International Powerlifting Federation has long supported Special Olympics, forging a partnership to propel the sport globally for individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Through shared expertise and workshops, the IPF empowers the athletes. A mesmerizing moment unfolded when Wonho Kang astonished the crowd with his squat perfection at the Special Olympics World Games.

Kang’s incredible feat made headlines during Special Olympics


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As the Special Olympics unfolded in Berlin, Korean athletes showcased their remarkable skills. Wonho Kang, a remarkable competitor, stunned the crowd with his exceptional performance in the men’s deadlift event. With a body weight of 95.85 kilograms, Kang dominated the competition in the M18 division. He left spectators in disbelief as he effortlessly lifted an astounding 584 pounds. As the Sports Center Twitter account shared the exhilarating video, captioned with “HAVE YOURSELF A DAY,” social media exploded with admiration. 


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In the women’s category Lee Eun-seo, at just 22 years old, astounded the world by clinching multiple gold medals in squats, deadlifts, and bench press events. She surpasses competitors from India and Mauritius, reports The Korean Times. Her unexpected triumph left spectators in awe, while Wonho Kang’s jaw-dropping performance solidified Korea’s dominance.

The crowd was amazed by the unbelievable strength and effortless execution


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The crowd was left in awe as Kang effortlessly lifted the weight, making it look easy and leaving everyone amazed at his incredible strength. One spectator commented, “Made that look effortless.” Others joined in, expressing their admiration, with one saying, “He made that weight look like feathers,” while another exclaimed, “Look like he did that with ease.” The reactions from the crowd emphasized the real and impressive strength exhibited by Kang during his remarkable performance at the Olympics.


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His display left a lasting impression.  Spectators acknowledged his exceptional job and the remarkable ease with which he accomplished the feat, stating, “Made it look easy too! Helluva job” and “Their strength is real.” Kang’s extraordinary performance showcased the true essence of dedication.

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