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Popularly in American athletics, Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens have become a beloved power couple. Their life together reads like a modern fairy tale, equally invested in professional growth and each other’s cheerleaders. Their close ones know this athleticism has even transpired to personal challenges but mostly there are simple gestures like being there for one another. After the Worlds’ wrap, Simone flew to Wisconsin for the exciting Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings game to support Owens. However, little did anybody know the winningest gymnast carried her competitive spirit all the way to the Packers’ home.

If you know Biles, you know she’s usually busy with her rigorous training and winning medals in gymnastics. But on the other days, she asks her man to name the best in her activity to challenge. And this time, it was none other than Owens’s fellow football teammate.

Simone Biles challenges NFL star


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The Packers POV podcast recently covered safety Jonathan Owens‘ perspective in the episode, “Audio: Packers POV #18 Packers POV: Jonathan Owens.” The audio description read, “In this episode of the Packers POV podcast, safety Jonathan Owens talks about his relationship with wife Simone Biles…” During the lively discussion, the host asked about an IG(Instagram) video of Simone put up by Owens racing with his teammate asking, “How did that race even come to be?”

Owens then narrated the humorous story between Simone and Christian Watson, a wide receiver. He said that Simone asked about the team’s quickest player on a boat excursion, which led to the spontaneo

us challenge. After Christian agreed, a cordial race started where “she(Simone) really got out on the first ten yards.” Unfortunately, Watson slid a little, while she “took off.” The sight was “just funny to see,” Owens added. Naturally, Christian took it up after that.

“She did have him for almost 20 yards,” the podcast presenter said. “Halfway mark,” continued. Yes, he began to pick it up with his long legs. Owens confirmed, “Yeah, quick,” to the host’s remark on Simone’s competitive nature. Owens recalled their pre-race dialogue exchange saying, “(Simone:) You say he’s the fastest? Okay, let’s go right now. I’m like, Oh, shoot. Are you sure? She’s like, Yeah, let’s go. Let’s line it up. I’m like, Okay.” The couple’s humorous dynamics and Simone’s enthusiastic approach to friendly rivalry were evident just like an old friendly rivalry.



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When Simone Biles challenged her fiancé

When the seven-time Olympic medalist Biles was engaged, she stole the show on the Snapchat exclusive series Daring with Simone.” In the first episode, she put up a fun fight with Jonathan Owens over how hard gymnastics is than football. In the ‘Fiancé Combine,’ both athletes demonstrated their skills in football drills and gymnastics challenges. Jonathan emerged victorious in the final battle when the competition intensified and he won the crucial ‘game face’ tiebreaker.

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“Gymnastics is definitely harder than football, but I came out here to show him that it’s easy,” Simone Biles declared, despite the outcome. And very reluctantly covered her final words with her laugh saying, I’m still a better athlete.” Meanwhile, a bigger question looms: Google Says Simone Biles Is the Greatest Gymnast of All Time. Is She?

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