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“He’s Very Real”: Sly Win Against New Rivals Gets Coach Approval From Tough Fans

Published 02/10/2023, 3:45 PM EST

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After a match recently concluded between the Vancouver Canucks and New York Islanders, the coach of the Canada-based NHL team took some time to address the questions of reporters. His genuine stance at addressing every question head-on reflected his style of coaching that brought recent glory to his team. On the other side, the Canucks were facing a renewed Islanders with Bo Horvat, a former Canucks player, joining their side. After fans observed Tocchet’s mannerisms during the game and afterward with reporters, they all sang praises of him. This is a big coming from the usually rigid fanbase of Canucks.

Rick Tocchet seemed relieved, after a close contest between the two teams, and praised his double-goal scorer from Sweden. Also slowly rebuilding himself, and fans shower him with love in the comments.

Canucks fans hail Rick Tocchet after their hard-fought victory against the Islanders


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Rick Tocchet called Elias Pettersson, the alternate captain for Canucks, a leader on Ice. The Swedish Ice Hockey player blocked a late shot and scored two important goals en-route to his team’s victory. After Tocchet showered praises on Pettersson, the fans in return hailed Tocchet as great.

I think Tocchet is a great coach. He’s very real, and a great communicator. At some point, you cannot blame the coach.  Tocchet knows the game as well as anyone”.


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“6 goals against sorokin is no small feat”

“Tochett to Berube..back to Tochett…he shoots…HE SCORES!”

“I don’t care what people say, tochket has been around good players and been coached by amazing coaches. It shines through”.

“Gee, Tocchet is so insightful … ummm …”

“Congratulations team …big win …buy coaches dinner”

Talking about the game with a calm demeanor, Tocchet said to the reporters, “exciting hockey game… the fourth line was great… pivot goal there to make it 4-3”. The Islanders were on a lead at 4-3, before going down 6-5. The fans took a complete U-turn from their last reactions from two weeks ago.

Canucks coach Rick Tocchet turns the fate of his team around


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After a painful loss against the Seattle Kraken (scoreline 6-1), Vancouver Canucks and their coach Rick Tocchet had to face the wrath of fans online. Tocchet, who is otherwise greatly admired in NHL, was shocked at the results himself. In just about 14 days, it has been a huge turnaround for both the team and their coach.


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The Vancouver Canucks have lost more times against New York Islanders than they have won. And even in their most recent outing, they were trailing behind. But to come back from there and win a game against a stronger opposition will definitely give Tocchet and the Canucks a great boost moving forwards.

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