“Just Embarrassing”: Furious Fans Go Back Failed by NHL’s All Stars but No Skills Event

Published 02/06/2023, 12:31 AM EST

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Over the years, the National Hockey League [NHL] has become one of the biggest leagues in the sporting world. While the league is famous worldwide, its All-Stars event is something that the fans always look forward to. However, unlike previous years, the NHL All-Stars Skills competition has failed to impress most viewers.

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The fans are furious about the entire All-Stars Skills competition, especially lacking the ‘skills’ aspect. Although the event featured stars like Alex Pietrangelo, Andrei Svechnikov, and Kevin Fiala, the audience was left disappointed. Here is what went wrong and how the community reacted.

What this All-Stars event lacked


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The NHL All-Stars Skills competition is supposed to be a fun and casual competitive game that entertains its audience while keeping them engaged. However, this year’s event lacked some fun aspects, and the league might have gone a little overboard with a few things.

According to several people, the skills competition barely had any competition and was filled with filler performances and ad breaks. The fans were also irritated by the way the competitions began and ended abruptly. On the other hand, the results of several contests were announced after long hours of breaks and skits.


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While the lack of interest was visible on the audience’s faces in Florida, several others have bashed the famous league for the failure in the comment section of the event’s highlights video. Here is how the NHL community responded to the messy All-Stars Skills competition.

Fans worried about the league’s future

Many fans displayed their disapproval of the new All-Stars Skills event without holding anything back:

“This whole thing is just embarrassing.”

“The NHL failed the fans, skit after skit, than commercial breaks… we are here to watch the players !!”

Another ice hockey lover compared the NHL’s All-Stars competition to that of the NBA:

“That has to be the most embarrassing breakaway competition ever, no skills were involved and the judging had no meaning. And they wonder why the league isn’t growing, compare this skill competition to the NBA and you get an idea why. At least in the NBA the put on an act but actually deliver when it comes to skills.”

While others opinionated on what they would have liked to watch instead of several skits and commercial breaks:

“What a travesty this was. Ok, a few skits, that’s fun but then actually have a skills competition! That’s what we came for.”

“Too bad this event has been butchered. Would have loved to see some true skills and the immense talent of current NHL players and goaltenders displayed”

A few other fans recalled how these events used to be fun and ‘competitive’ back in the day:


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“Remember when this used to actually show off skills? Good times”

“I understand that this event is supposed to be for the kids… but when I was a kid I liked watching hockey…Did that change?”

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Besides the All-Stars Skills competition failure, the fans are also extremely unhappy about the digital ad boards that the league has introduced this year. While fans are continuously demanding to remove those ad boards, the NHL failed to satisfy them.

Many still love to watch the game and support their teams and the players. But they are also dispirited by the league’s recent actions. Viewers think it is high time for the league to re-think its decisions. Hopefully, the NHL will consider these essential reviews and bounce back soon.



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