“They Don’t Really Care What the Wives Think”: Wayne Gretzky Made a Saddening Confession Following His Infamous Trade In 1988

Published 01/27/2023, 11:00 AM EST

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1988 would go down as one of the most shocking years in the history of ice hockey sports. Fans were left stunned when NHL GOAT, Wayne Gretzky was traded from Edmonton Oilers to the Los Angeles Kings. The hockey sensation’s personal life was dragged into the conversation as well since the timing of the trade coincided with his wedding with American actress Janet Jones. While the Great One kept things low during the controversy, he later opened up on the entire scenario. 

Last year, CBC sport posted an old interview with Wayne Gretzky, where the #99 was seen recalling the twists and turns during the trade. 

Wayne Gretzky revealed the trade was a business-oriented decision


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Janet Jones, Gretzky’s wife, became the center of discussion during the whole trade. Mainstream media started developing theories that the Oilers’ star player chose to shift to LA Kings, due to his personal life priorities. However, Gretzky categorically denied those allegations and called it a team decision. 

“It became a business decision”, he said in the interview. While the media insinuated otherwise,  Gretzky made it clear that his wife had nothing to do with the trade. He further added that it was the team owners’ decision. “They don’t really care what the wives think”, the hockey star revealed.

The Great One revealed that while he had an idea that his venture with the Oilers was close to an end, he did not know what was coming for him. However, it wasn’t just the media who blamed his wife. Jones took the heat even from Gretzky’s family members. Wayne Gretzky’s father, his first teacher, also made a shocking comment after the trade. 

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Gretzky’s father’s unusual comment on the trade

Gretzky revealed that the couple knew how the heat would land on Jones. He even asked the actress if she was ready for the media trials. However, little did the power couple know that things would get really personal. Gretzky said that even his father had a unique take on the trade. “My father summed it really well… he said it’s the first time he’s ever heard of an owner doing an $18 million favor for a wife”, the legendary player confessed. 


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Gretzky further added that it didn’t happen the way people perceived it. Evidently, the much-talked-about trade is still one of the most heated moments in the history of the NHL.

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