Chilling Clip Shows Decorated Surfer Vanishing While Riding One of the Biggest Waves Ever

Published 03/11/2023, 10:15 AM EST

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Surfing big waves is not for faint-hearted people and the waves of Puerto Escondido stand testament to that. The coastal town of Puerto Escondido has long been a destination for surfers from around the globe. However, the fairyland, for surfers, sometimes turns into a living nightmare. A surfing video has brought the limelight to the dark side of this surfing spot. 

The small coastal town located in the Mexican state of Oaxaca is known for its picturesque beaches and world-class surf breaks. However, these large waves also possess some life-threatening dangers. 

Surfer showcases his skills


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Recently, a video of a surfer surfing one of the largest waves ever seen in Puerto Escondido has gone viral on social media. Any spectator will feel their spine tingle as they watch the enormous wave. The sea’s thunderous, shattering waves were all that was needed to convey the water’s ferocious surge. 

One of the largest waves ever surfed, the wave he rode appeared to be almost 80 feet tall. To pull off such a remarkable act, you need both physical and mental fortitude.


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But, when the surfer got trapped in the water’s flow, things got rather terrifying. The incident was recorded on camera and instantly went viral. The audience’s loud applause quickly turned into a dead hush as the surfer disappeared in the wave’s powerful current. However, this wasn’t the first wipeout that shocked the fans. 

The long list of deadly wipeouts


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There is a long list of professional Surfers who have felt the fierce force of the ocean currents on their bodies. The list also includes multiple-time WSL champion, Justine Dupont. The French surfer reached many milestones in her career before becoming the victim of a deadly wipeout. Last year, in December the champion Surfer shared a video describing the horrific accident that became the reason for her long break from the sport. 


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The terrifying wipeout left her with a broken shoulder and a ruptured knee ligament. However, the impacts of the accidents left more than just physical scars. It played with her confidence in riding big waves as well. 

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