Fitness Freak Laird Hamilton Reveals the One $0.5 Item You Will Never Catch Him Drinking

Published 03/17/2023, 9:00 PM EDT

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Any kind of sport requires its athlete to abide by a certain diet regime that helps them to stay fit. Big Wave surfer Laird Hamilton, who is now 59-year-old, maintains a healthy lifestyle to blow minds in surfing competitions. Naturally, Hamilton avoids a certain group of foods that are not good for health. Moreover, there is one kind of drink that people will never find in his refrigerator.

Last month, Laird Hamilton appeared in a fun interview session with Men’s Health. The fitness channel enquired about how he prepares for big wave surfing competitions. A part of that interview also showed the surfer flexing the items that he has in his refrigerator. 

Laird Hamilton tells about that one drink that he completely avoids


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At the beginning of the interview, Hamilton invited the cameraman to take a sneak peek into his refrigerator. While showing the important solid foods that he consumes regularly, he was asked about something that one may never find in his fridge. Hamilton revealed, “ you’ll probably never see a soda in my fridge. “


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Hamilton explained that sodas have high sugar content. Hence, soda beverages will never make it into his refrigerator. Indeed, sodas have no nutritional content. Drinking them causes several health risks like – obesity, Type-2 diabetes, fatty liver, etc. 

However, despite his disciplined food choices, Hamilton does cherish a few cheat food items. The surfer explained that he does not do cheat days like others. Instead, he has “cheat moments.” Hamilton digs into a small number of chocolate chip cookies and later makes up for it. 


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Apart from his food choices, Hamilton also revealed the meal that he consumes before big wave surfing competitions. 

Here’s what Hamilton’s competition meal looks like!


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I’m pretty consistent with what I have in the morning. Whether it’s a big activity day or not, I just look at every day as a big activity day,” said the surfing champion said in an interview with Men’s Health about his competition meal. Hamilton ensures that he gets a complete breakfast with the right amount of nutrients. 


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He revealed that he consumes a few raw eggs “along with good fat foods.” If it’s a big championship day, he chugs in “a couple of extra cups of espresso.” Nevertheless, Hamilton believes that fats are a very important part of one’s diet. It should not be compromised, since it provides a great source of energy. 



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