Griffin Colapinto's net worth is soaring—Is he the next big thing in American surfing?

“It’s crazy that I just put my whole life into this sport, and now we’re in the Olympics. Even my grandparents are baffled.” Well, that’s what surfing and an Olympic debut mean to this 25-year-old prodigy, Griffin Colapinto. But he is not only about the emotions. The surfer is beyond reproach when it comes to translating his mastership into professional merits. For that, his current rank as world number 2 and his array of surfing records speak for themselves.

And along with his surfing achievements, the California native has also won substantial acclaim in the market. Having an identity that people resonate with and follow, helps him to enjoy several brand partnerships and a lofty net worth. Hang tight as the details might blow you away!

How rich is Griffin Colapinto?


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As per Superstar Culture, Griffin Colapinto is not only slated amongst the most popular but also the richest surfers. The estimated figure when he was 21 years old was a lavish $1.5 million. And while a considerable amount of these earnings come from his surfing career, he is also the face of many endorsements that contribute to his wallet.

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Colapinto’s 328k Instagram followers are not merely indicators of his stardom, but also the main consumers of his brand advertisements. Skimming through his profile, the surfer is seen vouching for mega names like Pacifico, Hume Supernatural, MiHIGH, Ethika, Quiksilver, and Rubio’s Coastal Grill. Right from lifestyle products to sports apparel, he advocates for multiple banners.

Moreover, this year, ahead of his Olympic debut, Colapinto was also the recipient of a $24,000 grant from Procter & Gamble. Being one of the 20 athletes on their ‘Athlete for Good’ program, ensured that Colapinto obtained this sum for his charity. Back in 2022, the surfer and his brother published a journal, followed by gifting the profits to a non-profit organization, aimed at helping youngsters battle mental health challenges. And now this P&G grant will provide a huge boost, facilitating the provision of a 7-day mental health curriculum to various high schools.

Indeed, besides rising to fame and collecting surfing accolades, Colapinto also seems to be focused on giving back to society. However, the foundation of it all remains his surfing accomplishments. Let’s skim through some of his top-notch performances.


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Major achievements of the surfing star

Griffin Colapinto commenced his surfing career at the junior-level championships. Starting from the ISA World Junior Championships in 2012, until 2014, he kept participating in this event annually. However, Colapinto first rose to the limelight in 2016, when he stunned the spectators with an air reverse at the Hawaii Pro. In the nick of time, the stunt not only helped him bag the qualifying series heat but trumpeted his arrival in competitive surfing.

Subsequently, on turning 18, he reached the finals of the WSL World Junior Championships. Later that year, he further surpassed expectations by winning the Triple Crown event in Hawaii. Beyond junior contests, Colapinto won the MEO Pro Portugal and Surf City El Salvador Pro in 2022, which ranked him seventh on the world list.


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The 2023 and 2024 seasons have also been equally successful for the pro surfer. He nabbed the victory spot at the World Surf League event in Portugal this year. Also, he bagged a bronze spot at the VIVO Rio Pro this season, followed by winning the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal with a whopping 10,000 points.

Now, with less than a month remaining before his Olympics debut, Colapinto would be gearing to make a podium finish. What do you think of his surfing skills? Let us know.