When surfing pro Sarah Brady first announced her romantic relationship with Jonah Hill, it seemed like a match made in Hollywood heaven. However, their relationship quickly turned sour, and they broke up in 2022. In July 2023, Sarah publicly accused Jonah Hill of emotional abuse. Despite the fallout from her previous relationship, Sarah didn’t let it deter her from finding love again.

She started seeing Jackson Hinkle, host of the show Jackson at the Dive. But given his recent reaction, Sarah could not control her feelings of disappointment and frustration.

Sarah Brady’s Quest for Happiness After Jonah Hill Ends In Disappointment


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Recently, Candace Owens posted on her Twitter account in support of Jonah Hill. She said, “Basic respect for your partner is now being labeled as ‘misogynistic’ from insecure women“. Andrew Tate, who is infamous for his provocative statements on social media, retweeted Owens’ post on July 9th. This sparked a whole new controversy and looks like Tate came up in a conversation between Hinkle and Brady as well.

Uploading screenshots of their chats on Instagram, Brady disclosed that Hinkle had blocked her. She accused Hinkle of a statement where apparently he had said, “A man like Andrew Tate would be good for you“.

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Earlier this month, Brady uploaded a couple of screenshots to her Instagram stories. The content of the screenshots revealed a conversation between her and Jonah Hill where the actor was seen saying that she take down some pictures of herself from social media. Hill called these photos “sexual” and also demanded that Brady end her friendship with some individuals he disapproves of. She captioned the photos with, “This is a warning to all girls. If your partner is talking to you like this, make an exit plan.”

Brady did not want to disclose all of this on social media but felt compelled to when she came across a Teen Vogue article. In the article, a young girl was asking for advice after her boyfriend forbade her from wearing a bikini. This made Brady realize that she must speak her truth. And she continues to update her audience with further details.


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Implications Of Sarah’s Accusations

Sarah wrote to Hinkle that he had blocked her because he was afraid that she might release some incriminating evidence against him. This accusation not only tarnishes Hinkle’s reputation but also raises questions about the verity of Brady’s accusations.

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However, some online have asked to disregard these allegations as lies. A Twitter user named Pericles ‘Perry’ Abbasi even said, “Jackson Hinkle dodged a bullet”. There is no resolution at the end of this debacle yet.

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