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“Really Special”: Surfing and Skiing Can Be Done on the Same Day at One of the Most Lesser Known Destinations of the World

Published 05/22/2023, 1:23 PM EDT

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The US states California and Nevada have their own list of tourist attractions that also serve as adventure points. Yet tucked between the border of these two states lies a freshwater lake, the largest alpine lake in all of North America. While there are many mysteries and stories that the lake preserves, it has a rising number of athletes, besides the tourists, visiting it in the fall. While the Sierra Nevada, the mountain range adjacent to the lake, has always had skiers visiting it, the area can also be packed with surfers on the same day.

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Alpine Skiers always had a reason to visit the snow-capped mountains of Sierra Nevada. It provides a surface in winter for them to perform their favorite activity. But the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe also provide huge waves for surfing when certain climactic conditions are met with.

An experience like never before for those who love both sports


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Brenna Lagasse is a local in the area who talked to ESPN in 2012 about this unique experience that the mountainous region provided. He said to ESPN, Skiing and surfing on the same day is simply an amazing way to celebrate life”. His delight could be felt in his voice. He continued, “To be able to surf and ski on the same day in Tahoe, as we’ve been able to do on a handful of days this fall, is something really special”.

Before 2012, surfing wasn’t such a popular affair in Lake Tahoe. Once in a while, it was a solitary surfer who was seen braving the waves of the lake. However, the number has since grown in large proportions. One of the main reasons for that is the ‘fall wind’. Scott Gufney, a North Tahoe ski legend, interestingly spoke about the rise of surfing in the area.


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He said, “When the early winter storms flow in from the Pacific and the lake wind advisories pop up in our inboxes… Tahoe hopefuls are ready for more than just the snow that will coat the mountains for ski season”. The wind that only sets in the winter is responsible for the large waves in the otherwise calm lake. However, it’s not an easy affair for surfers.


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A paradise for surfing and skiing enthusiasts

The crystal clear waters around the time are frigid cold. Lake Tahoe, which is already situated in a mountainous region, turns icy cold during such winters. And yet, surfers who have traveled long and far for this unique experience don’t think twice before diving in. The wind speed that ranges from somewhere around 25 mph to 55 mph creates these huge waves, which becomes ideal for any surfer. This was possible only after the weather patterns shifted, and the already existing ski region could also be ideal for surfing since then.

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Therefore, every winter a growing number of both surfers and skiers have started flocking to the region since. Some won’t even hesitate to dive straight into the icy-cold waters in the day, and then hike up the hills in the afternoon to ski on the ice. It became an adrenaline junkie’s paradise. Contrary to an iconic surfing image made out of 1 million different photos that made headlines for the wrong reason, this news, if resurfaced could very well pave the road for surfing ahead of the Paris Olympics next year.


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