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“Some Kind of Mythological Goddess”: Millions Left Stunned as Woman Performs Unbelievable Trick on Surfboard While Catching Waves

Published 06/06/2023, 1:43 PM EDT

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In the past few years, surfing lovers have greatly modified the sport. Everybody has their own way of surfing. Some challenge themselves to cover higher waves, while some resort to various types of surfing like windsurfing, kitesurfing, and many others. Recently, the internet saw a female surfer sharing a unique surfing technique. From a distance, it seemed like she had defied science.

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On June 5, a Twitter user, Figen shared a stunning video of a surfer cruising on the waves on the tip of her surfboard.  The unusual sight caught the attention of netizens. Expressing their amazement, they shared their take on the surfer’s marvelous surfing technique.

How did the female surfer amaze the internet?


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The surfer’s video was shared in slow motion so that the internet could understand how skillfully she was taking on the waves with her surfboard. At first, the surfer stood firmly on her board while it swiftly floated on the waves. As the video proceeded, she added her own twist.

The surfer gracefully walked ahead on her surfboard till she reached its tip. After reaching its extreme end, she pressed the border of her board with her toes. The surfer stood at the pointed tip for a while, enjoying the thrilling experience. While her surfboard was elevated at the back, it remained firm showing no sign of disbalance.


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Moreover, after a few seconds, the surfer took a few steps back and stopped in the middle, a spot where surfers normally stand to ride the waves. Just when the viewer would think that she was done with her trick, she scurried to the tip and stood there for a while. The surfer’s brilliant video invited many reactions on Twitter.

Magnificent surfing trick invites shocking reactions

Commenting on how beautifully she balanced surfing at the tip of the board, many compared her to a goddess.


Another netizen appreciated her talent and dedication with which she was able to pull off such a great trick.

One of the users rated the surfers for her surfing genius,

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For one of the users the video was next to a peculiar movie scene,


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Indeed, it must have taken the surfer years of practice to gracefully perform a trick like this. With relentless practice, one can always add a special touch to the sport.

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