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“Tortured the Shark”: Hours After Mauling Russian Man to Death, Tiger Shark Captured and Killed Leaving Netizens Devastated

Published 06/10/2023, 8:59 AM EDT

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Everyone remembers the 1975 blockbuster movie Jaws, where a Great White Shark wreaks havoc on the citizens of Amity Island, a New England beach town. In reality, surfing and swimming enthusiasts have often come under the jaws of these oceanic beasts. Most recently, it happened with a Russian man on an Egyptian beach, where he was mauled to death. The shark had to face the repercussions after that, yet netizens aren’t pleased with the way things turned out for the animal.

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As video surfaces on the Internet of a giant shark who was captured and killed for killing a Russian man, netizens have questioned the policies on animal harm. They question why a shark is penalized for staying in its own habitat.

The killer shark in Egypt met with a saddening fate


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An Instagram post by Pubity went, “Authorities in Egypt have found, captured and k*lled the shark responsible for k*lling a Russian man”. The news about killing the Russian man went viral yesterday, and the search for the behemoth was on since then.

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It further read, “Videos surfaced on the internet of the massive shark brought to the surface with large fishing nets. Authorities have closed off beaches in the area to prevent further attacks despite capturing the animal”. The news, which was meant to bring a sigh of relief from the citizens, has been getting a lot of negative flak for its cruelty.


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Netizens are reportedly unhappy with the fact that entering into the waters and killing a shark is not fair to the animal. The Russian man was dragged into the water by the tiger shark in front of a beach full of onlookers. His name was V. Popov, and he was living in Egypt for quite some time. In the end, destiny had cruel plans for him. He was swimming in the Red Sea, close to the Egyptian tourist destination of Hurghada. Even after this horrific incident, some believe the shark could have been spared with a better way of providing safety to the public.

Netizens believe surfers and swimmers should beware of shark-infested waters before entering

After the news of the shark being killed started spreading online, several people, mostly animal lovers, couldn’t keep their calm about the incident. Here’s how some of the furious netizens reacted:


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“Humans su*k. We all take this risk when we swim in the ocean. Stop killing animals for being animals”, wrote a man pointing out the hypocrisy in humans when deciding to wipe out an animal for safety reasons.

“Did the shark confess?” wrote a netizen who was taking a snarky approach to the act done by Egyptian authorities. He indicated how would they know if it was the same shark or not.


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“The shark lives there, the way they tortured the shark in the video like the shark is going to understand what it did was wrong ???”, wrote someone who clearly believes that knowing a shark is a carnivorous animal, it is the human’s responsibility to avoid treacherous waters. To kill the shark, as per him, was unpardonable.

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“Shark-infested waters = people-infested cities,” wrote another person who was equating the very basic fact that sharks and humans each live in their own habitat. No reason to kill one for acting the way they naturally do.

“The shark didn’t come to the man’s house to kill him tho”, wrote someone who was also pointing out that it was the man who entered the waters and not the other way around.


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Sharks in any water are potentially dangerous to swimmers, surfers, and normal beachgoers. But at the same time, finding an alternative to killing sharks for safety reasons might put most animal lovers to ease. Tiger sharks come next to Great White sharks in terms of attacking humans, and most of them attack surfers since they misidentify them to be sea turtles, their favorite food.

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