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“That’s Some Avengers Level Talent”: Crowd Surfer Launching Jello Shots Leaves Social Media Starstruck

Published 01/31/2023, 3:30 PM EST

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The surfing sport has many times made the audience jump out of their seats. There have been countless thrilling moments in the history of the sport. However, recently again a surfer again grabbed some limelight as she passed through the waves of the local crowd instead of water. The video has attracted eyes from all across the country. 

America’s Favorite Video Today

The Barstool Philly’s Facebook page posted a video that is creating a buzz all over social media platforms. The video shows the crowd celebrating Philadelphia’s win over San Francisco in the NFL match. However, the star of the celebration was a surfer. 

A girl launched jello shots while standing on the surfboard


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A middle-aged girl was seen getting on the surfboard while it was held up by a bunch of people. The girls were seen surfing through the crowd and dancing their hearts out. She was also launching the Jello Shots all over from her crossbow. The star lady later made her presence in the comment box as she wrote, “My video!!! All hail the Philly Jell-O-Man!! GO BIRDS!!”

The girl didn’t stop there and elevated the adventure level. While standing on the board which lifted approximately 8 feet above the ground, she performed a headstand. Her exceptional balance charged up the crowd as they were seen screaming and jumping to applaud her. 


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However, people holding the board later took her further in the crowd and everyone was overjoyed to see the crazy moment. In the end, the lady got off balance and slipped down, but fortunately landed on her feet and didn’t sustain any injury. The video is trending across social media platforms. 


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Fans react to the crazy surfing video

It seems like people sitting at home are also enjoying the video, just the crowd present in the video. Her exceptional balancing skills have made people compare her with fictional superhero characters. As one fan wrote, “That’s some Avengers-level talent. Make sure her action figures include the bow and surf shield.” 

The viewers absolutely loved the energy of the crowd and wanted to express their high-intense emotions in the comment box. “Just a city coming together to have some fun!!! Fly Eagles Fly”. While another fan shared another video of the celebration and wrote, “Great stuff, here is how we do it in Denver Colorado”


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The perfection in the girl’s posture awestruck the audience as one fan wrote, “How can you be so prepared?” The city continues to dwell in the celebration after the iconic win. 

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