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“This Quacks Me Up”: Fans Can’t Stop Laughing As Duo’s Hilarious Surfing Adventure on Duck Goes Viral All Over the Internet

Published 05/31/2023, 7:45 AM EDT

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The sight of a surfer taking on the waves always seems majestic. For any layman, the sport is no less than a wonder. However, sometimes the surfing spree might go wrong for surfers at unfortunate moments. Recently, the internet saw a hilarious video of a surfer crashing against a rubber duck and surfing along with it. The amusing sight kept the internet tickled for quite some time.

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On Sunday, the surfing page, The Surfing Mania shared a hilarious video of two men struggling to surf while sitting on a giant rubber duck.  As the video proceeded, they found no other way to escape from the fuss and ultimately saw another amusing fate.

Two men surf together on a giant duck


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In the Instagram video, a man was seen perfectly surfing in the sea. He was moving forward with the waves. Beside him was another man, sitting on a giant duck and floating in the water. As the waves gushed over, the surfer went ahead of the man. However, due to the strong currents, the man on the duck was dragged forcefully, which imbalanced him.

At one point, he came in the surfer’s way. So with no option to escape, the surfer jumped on the duck and the man. It seemed like they had piled up on each other. The next few minutes were pure laughter. The man and the surfer struggled to mark their place on the duck while battling against the strong waves.


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Nevertheless, while they struggled, they continued to flow in the sea directionlessly. On the other hand, the surfboard also got dragged because of the leg rope of the surfer. Moreover, the duck toppled into the water after a few seconds adding to the massive laughter of the netizens.

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The hilarious surf adventure thrilled the netizens for quite some time. Many expressed their reactions in the comment section.


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Netizens quack in laughter after watching the hilarious video

Netizens could not control their laughter, seeing the duck topple on the men, “Even ducks drop in on surfers 😂” and “This quacks me up!!😆” A few netizens also expressed how tickling the video was to them, “Hilarious! Proper belly laugh 😂” and “🤣🤣 that was truly funny!!!”

Looking at the big waves that pushed the men in such a hilarious fate, a surfer commented, “It’s a big wave, Donald Duck surfer.”The duck’s involvement in the entire scenario massively added to the excellent humor for the netizens.


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Hilarious videos like these are a way to keep the interent entertained. It gives netizens a chance to break from their monotonous day and share a good laugh.

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