“Those Waves Are Bloody Huge”: Surfing Star’s Close Brush With Wipeout in Heart-Pounding Footage Leaves Fans in State of Shock

Published 01/17/2023, 6:45 PM EST

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Despite the fact that surfing is gaining popularity as a sport, many people decide against taking the possibly catastrophic hazards. The world has witnessed some of the deadliest wipe-outs in recent years. The fierce strength of the waves has claimed the lives of numerous rising surfing stars.


Even legendary athletes from many sports have perished or drowned as a result of the waves’ brutal power. The coast of Nazare in Portugal recently saw a similar incident. On January 15, National Geographic posted a video on its Facebook handle that has created a buzz across different media platforms. 


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A surfing video that made people jump out of their seats

The video shows a professional surfer getting caught in a humongous wave. The wave that initially appeared like a normal ocean current soon turned gigantic. The surfer kept trying to keep up with the pace of the tide. The deadly tube formed with the waves almost got the hold of the surfer but thankfully missed by a few inches. However, it wasn’t the end of his struggles as the intense waves were still following the surfer. He somehow managed to avoid getting caught in the midst of the waves. 


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Seeing the size of the waves, one can assume the devastating impact of the wipeout. The effects could have been fatal. The video grabbed global limelight as viewers flooded the comment box with their reactions and responses.

Fans React to the close save 


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 An admirer of the oceans admitted that he is fond of waves, but would never do something this daring. “I love the sea but wouldn’t risk this amazing- must be exhilarating,” he wrote. Another fan revealed that she is going to Nazare in the upcoming month and is excited to ride these waves. She wrote, “Looking forward to visiting Nazare in April. Hopefully, the waves won’t disappoint.” Most of the fans almost jumped out of their seats seeing the epic survival. “Been there and those waves are bloody HUGE” one fan informed. 

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Many fans applauded the courage and calmness of the surfer in that tense situation. “So courageous these people,” one wrote. The list goes long. What’s your take on this? Do let us know in the comment box. 



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