Watch: Dad Finds a Unique Way to Teach His Toddler Son Surfing

Published 04/07/2023, 4:15 PM EDT

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Oftentimes, surfer Billy Kemper has shared videos of surfing with his children on his social media. Although the surfer’s four children are quite young, he makes them experience the thrill of the sport in interesting ways. Recently, the surfer’s adorable surfing video with his child caught the attention of an Instagram surfing page.

On April 5, the surfing page ‘The Surfing Mafia’ shared an unseen video of Billy Kemper surfing with his son on one surfing board. The surfer’s mind-blowing demeanor of riding with his child was worth noticing!

Billy Kemper surfing effortlessly with his child amidst the ocean


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In the video uploaded by the Instagram page, Billy Kemper was seen enjoying a peaceful surfing ride with his child on a sunny day. The surfer chose a common surfing spot where others were also enjoying their time surfing. Moreover, as the video proceeded, Kemper was seen lying on his stomach on the floating surfboard. On the other hand, his adorable little one laid on his father’s back.

Using his surfing skills, Kemper cut the water sideways with his hands while lying on the surfboard. As soon as the surfboard gained speed from the mild currents, he slowly began getting up while balancing his child on his back. At the right moment, he held his child’s hand from his back and brought him around to stand ahead on the surfboard with him.

In no time, the father-son duo was enjoying a memorable fun surfing ride together. His son seemed elated while surfing as he raised his hands in happiness. Moreover, to keep the surfboard in momentum, Kemper brushed the waters at times. Wasn’t that unique?

Nevertheless, the video also received great applause from fans. Take a look:

“Love that full wave so much fun to ride”

“Beautiful 🤙❤️”

“Awww so cute! 🥹”

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The visual of a child surfing can be very mind-boggling. Where Billy Kemper assisted his little one to surf, an 11-year-old surfed alone for 1000 days straight.

Child surfed for 1000 days raising funds


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11-year-old Carter Doorley earned great applause in the media for his pledge to surf for 1000 days. A news report revealed that Carter decided to surf in the 2020 lockdown at Brigantine, New Jersey. Initially, he surfed for 100 days, gaining an addiction to the sport. Next, he surfed for 590 days which made headlines in public. Soon he pledged to surf for 1000 days, which gained him great attention.

Carter’s pledge helped him to raise funds for a local animal rescue and collect food for a local soup kitchen. His parents are super proud of his dedication and also for the completion of his pledge.


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Child surfing is a great way to raise awareness in little ones about the sport. However, it should be executed with great safety and surveillance of experienced adults.


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