Carissa Moore's net worth is jaw-dropping! Does she deserve more recognition in the sports world?

Carissa Moore’s surfing achievements often make her synonymous with the legend Kelly Slater. Both American surfers boast of earning a lot of titles and brand engagements. But unlike Kelly, Moore started to taste high prize valued contests before becoming a high school sophomore. She earned a large sum as prize money with her global junior surfing title when she was 11. Since then, she has always attracted lucrative deals.

In the meantime, Carissa Moore has also continued to craft fresh stories while riding on her surfing pad. Now, in 2024, she will have to defend her Olympic gold. She will enter the Teahupo’o surfing water as a woman who has etched a legacy and earned the ultimate prize in what was considered a male-dominated sport not so long ago. Let’s have a look at Carissa Moore’s financial achievement.

How rich is Carissa Moore?


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As per SurpriseSports. com, Carissa Moore’s present net worth is around $2 million. That includes her prize money, brand deals, income from social media, and several business ventures. As far as her prize money is concerned, she has three WSL Women’s Championships. Notably, each WSL Championship Tour victory adds $420.800.

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Competition winnings

Business ventures

Media appearances

Moore has won both Olympic and WSL gold medals, a rare achievement. However, she had to step back from continuing the WSL Championship Tour this year. It was because of keeping herself fresh before her last Olympic endeavor. In the meantime, the 31-year-old pulled off something else that has been helping her earn more dimes. 

In April earlier this year, the Hawaii-born surfer released her new book, “Hawaii Gold: A Celebration of Surfing”. The royalties from the book keep her net worth pushing higher.

While she makes a lot of money, Carissa Moore keeps ticking her ‘giving back to society’ attitude through her foundation, Moore Aloha. The organization mainly deals with inspiring young girls in surfing or other sports. It also opens several chances for collaboration with the local Hawaiian artists. One such recent example was Moore Aloha collaborating with Studio Hale, run by JT Ojerio, a Hawaiian fashion designer. Harboring such a mindset combined with her performance has often created a ripple effect for Moore.


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Major endorsement deals of the surfing legend

At ten years of age, Carissa Moore had to face an emotional loss as her parents divorced. But as the year passed, she found her glee through surfing. Eventually, in 2020, a combination of prodigious talent and grit helped her advance as she got a fitting accolade from the Hurley brand.

Moore earned a multi-year partnership from Hurley. That deal is still active and the 4-time ASP world champion can be seen promoting the brand through her social media posts. 


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Apart from that, Red Bull has been a constant sponsor for the 31-year-old. In 2020, she found special recognition when Red Bull TV featured her in a documentary, RISS: A Film About More Love with Carissa Kainani Moore. Dior has also inked a brand engagement deal with Moore this year, centering the upcoming Paris Olympics occasion.

Other than these, the Olympian is often found promoting local Hawaiian brands. In May this year, she carried out one such for OUTRIGGER Ka’anapali Beach Resort. OUTRIGGER has a chain of resorts located on Hawaii Island and Carissa Moore promoted several of those. Such engagements show her touch with her native place.