Is John John Florence's success partly due to the unwavering support from his wife, Lauryn Cribb?

When speaking of contemporary surfing, there is no way that 31-year-old John John Florence’s name doesn’t come up in the conversation. Currently ranked number 1 in the world, this Hawaiian native performed many marvels on his surfboard as a child and stunned the world by making his pro debut at the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing at just 13. Let’s just say that since then, he has never stopped dazzling the audience. Winning the World Surf League Champion titles in 2016 and 2017, followed by his debut at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, he has made his mark as a decorated professional. Now, he is just days away from his trip to the French capital for his second Olympic appearance.

And for most of this journey, Florence has had a special somebody by his side. Supporting him through the ebb and flow—quite literally—has been his better half. Indeed, the two have navigated many phases of their lives together through their long-standing relationship, which ultimately culminated in marriage and recently reached the bliss of parenthood.

All about John John Florence’s wife, Lauryn Cribb


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Three years ago, John John Florence married his long-time Australian girlfriend Lauryn Cribb, who is a model and a horticulturist. As documented by VOGUE, Florence first crossed paths with her as a teenager and walked her back from a party in Rainbow Bay. Well, little did he know that it would gradually blossom into a love for a lifetime. “We kept in contact for a year and a half—I flew to Hawaii a couple times and he traveled back to Australia until we started dating the following year,” Lauryn told Vogue.

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Despite being from different backgrounds, the two share an adoration for nature. Close to his Hawaiian roots, Florence’s attachment to the environment, beaches, and rainforests was something that Lauryn resonated with, as a farmer. Therefore, their wedding brief stated, “We wanted a tropical garden party that incorporated the natural surroundings.” So much so that the bride confesses to having grown some of the flowers herself, for her big day.

Moreover, the couple even circumvented a few obstacles while getting married. Just 24 hours before the ceremony, the river flooded the location- Waimea Valley. Nonetheless, they proceeded and it turned out to be beautiful. “The air was magical—salty mist coming from Waimea Beach over the canopies. It felt like just us two, wandering the gardens,” cited Lauryn, remembering her special day.


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Just like the wedding, Florence’s proposal to Lauryn featured a scenic setting too. On a beach just opposite the house where the couple currently lives, Florence had proposed marriage to Lauryn back in 2019. She reminisces that amidst scorching heat, “he made me look over there as he grabbed the ring his mother had given him as a placeholder.” From that day to today, their relationship has flourished and they recently welcomed a younger one aboard.

The couple welcomed their first baby in May 2024


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On 21st May 2024, John John Florence officially confirmed the birth of his baby boy. “Yeah, we had our son a week and a half ago,” he told PEOPLE. Just around the beginning of the month, the couple had taken to their Instagram, adding a video with the caption, “Our best adventure yet.” And soon after, the child was born, which was just days ahead of the Tahiti Pro 2024 event. This seemed to have made that Teahupo’o pitstop on the WSL Championship Tour even more special to Florence. In another one of his Instagram captions, he wrote, “Also, most importantly, this was my first dad surf!! Pretty stoked on that!”

The next month, Lauryn added another post confirming the newborn’s name. With a picture of Florence holding his little one, she wrote, “Darwin’s Dad, we’re so incredibly lucky.” Florence who has kicked off a very special journey now, admitted that he went into the whole thing of being a father with an open mind. And when it happened, it felt like the “coolest experience ever.” Hopefully, Florence now enters the Summer Games with heightened vigor and gives his family another reason to celebrate this incredibly special year by winning an Olympic medal.