“I’ll Put Million on It That You Can’t”: Michael Phelps’ Acceptance to a Request Straight From Prison Leaves Fans in Doubts

Published 09/03/2022, 10:00 AM EDT

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The G.O.A.T of swimming, Michael Phelps, is very popular among swimming fans. Even after retiring, the athlete didn’t stop hitting the highlights. It seems fans and followers are never tired of the swimming legend Michael Phelps. Given his charismatic self, many sportspersons and celebrities support the star swimmer. Even Justin Bieber once participated in a song dedicated to him.

This time, the Atlanta rapper Young Thug, currently in jail, tagged him in a tweet. Fans were shocked to see Michael Phelps replying to Thug’s tweet. It indeed was a historical moment on Twitter.


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Fans’ reaction to Thug’s tweet for Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is one of those athletes who has a strong and widely spread fan base. Fans keep notes of every single step the icon makes. Starting from his professional life to his personal, people are interested in collecting even tiny pieces of information related to him. 

Young Thug, currently behind the bars, recently tagged him in one of his tweets. It was related to swimming and was a question for Phelps. I’m talking with my roommate and we’re wondering if you could swim 100 miles from the middle of the ocean back to shore – @MichaelPhelps” the tweet read.

Phelps replied to the tweet, saying, “Yeah. I think I could make it

This open conversation between Thug and Phelps via Twitter worked like a magnet for fans. Several videos, photos, and memes could be seen just beneath the tweet. One even termed it, “A bright moment in Twitter history”.


Another fan, who is sure that it is impossible for Phelps to swim 100 miles, said, “I’ll put million on it that you can’t

The fact that Young Thug came up with such a bizarre question and Michael Phelps responded with another unbelievable answer startled fans. They filled Twitter with their thoughts and honest reactions.

While some showcased their surprised reaction, others expressed their thoughts on whether Phelps can do that or not. All in all, the question-and-answer session between the two blew up the internet.

Why is Young Thug in jail? 


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The YSL rapper, Young Thug, was arrested in May 2022. According to sources, this step was taken because he attempted murder and violated the RICO Act. It also says that Thug participated in a street gang activity that is against the rules and regulations.

However, Jeffery Lamar Williams, aka Young Thug, and his lawyer, Brain Steel, have denied the accusation. I’ll tell you the response to any allegation; Mr. Williams committed no crime whatsoever and we will fight to my last drop of blood to clear him,said Thug’s lawyer.


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Their request for bail was also denied multiple times. So now, the rapper will have to wait until the trial begins in January 2023. 


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