Legendary swimmer Michael Phelps’s wife, Nicole Phelps, has been with him throughout the ups and downs of his career. The couple has remained married since 2016, exploring various philanthropic platforms. Moreover, apart from their adorable union, Phelps recently confessed that he made his wife obsess over a sport that was his favorite before he chose swimming

Recently, in an interview with Boardroom, Phelps explained his affinity toward golf and why he takes the sport so seriously. During the conversation, he talked about the benefit of making his wife obsess over golf too. 

Michael Phelps talks about how he and Nicole play golf


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After a successful swimming career, Michael Phelps is exploring his golf skills. It is no secret that Phelps was passionate about golf much before choosing swimming as his career. In fact, he has appeared in a series of professional gold competitions, especially the Iconic Series. Phelps has become obsessed with the sport. So he also made his wife share the same obsession as him. In the interview, the swimming legend revealed, “I’m just obsessed,” Saying this, he also added, “I got my wife obsessed too, which is nice so we get to get out and play a ton.”

Well, both Phelps and Nicole have become avid golf players. As they play golf a lot, there was a game last year, in which Nicole beat the Olympic swimmer. In a press conference, Phelps revealed, “I talk a lot of trash with my wife on the course, and it’s awesome. But she did beat me last time, so she can hold that over my head.”

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Moreover, the competitive couple never misses out on celebrating each other’s success. Last year, when Phelps unlocked a new golf achievement, his wife wrote him a heartfelt message. 

Michael Phelps won another gold but in golf this time

Having grown around multiple sports, Phelps was highly fascinated by golf. After retiring from swimming, he has left no stone unturned in exploring his golf skills. So much so, that Phelps has already begun excelling in the sport. Last year, when Phelps participated in the WM Phoenix Open Pro-Am for a charitable cause, he ended up winning the championship trophy.


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The swimming legend received great appreciation for his golf achievement on social media. However, his most special message came from his wife, Nicole. She posted a story of Phelps on Instagram and captioned it, “Congrats babe on your closest to the pin”. 

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Nevertheless, Phelps reshared the story and thanked her on social media. So what are your thoughts on Phelps and his love for golf? let us know in the comments.