The “Baltimore Bullet” retired in 2016, but not in our hearts! For the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time, Michael Phelps nothing compares to the golden world he’s built with his wife, Nicole Phelps. At their sprawling Arizona home, they often find joy in the pool with their sons, Boomer, Beckett, and Maverick. With 5-month-old Nico soon to don his first pair of floaties, every moment is filled with family adventures. As “The Flying Fish” celebrates another birthday, there’s no doubt his family will make it a perfect celebration. After all, Phelps knows how to make every moment count!

Michael Phelps entered the last year of his thirties, and he’s feeling the passage of time. He turned 39 on June 30 and acknowledges, ‘Every single year I feel it,‘ sensing himself getting older. Despite planning ‘nothing special‘ for his birthday ‘Just waiting for my 40th and then I’ll be forward towards my 50th,’ he quips.

But his wife has much to celebrate with him, though she shared just one glimpse with fans that portrayed them as the quintessential loving couple. She posted a touching moment on Instagram where love seemed to saturate every word she wrote.


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Her words were, ‘Keeping that birthday swim tradition alive… even if it was yesterday… HBD @m_phelps00 💙 May 39 be an exceptionally special year! You deserve all the love, sunshine, and giggles the boys and I can give you!! You’re so special to us, thank you for sharing another year around the sun with us 😘❤️’ The picture was captured in their swimming pool, with Nicole wearing a bikini and Phelps hugging her from the side. The bright smiles on their faces clearly show they’re over the moon.

Ever since Michael Phelps’ wife shared the post, fans from all over the world—India, Germany, Spain, Australia, and beyond—have gone crazy. Her comment section is overflowing with love.

Michael Phelps made waves through his fans’ support

The champion Michael Phelps, who is set to cover the 2024 Paris Olympics as a commentator for NBC Sports, saw an outpouring of fan love on his birthday. One fan wrote, ‘Happy birthday MP! May this year be the best one yet! Love you guys!’ Since retiring after the Rio Games in 2016, Phelps has been enjoying a more normal life, but his success continues to soar.

As of 2024, he has amassed an estimated net worth of US$100 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. His wealth comes from a stellar career and lucrative sponsorship deals with brands such as Under Armour, Omega, and Beats by Dre, as reported by CNBC. Additionally, Phelps is an equity investor in the mental health startup TalkSpace.

Even Katie Ledecky, who has qualified for the Paris Olympics, extended her wishes, ‘Happy birthday @m_phelps00!! 🎂‘ Ledecky has been inspired by Phelps’s technique, particularly his high elbow catch and quick water connection, which she adopted to overcome her physical limitations and achieve elite performance.

During the 2016 Olympic Games, Phelps praised the growth of the sport and the talent of young swimmers worldwide, singling out Ledecky. “She’s somebody who is willing to dream as big as you can possibly imagine. That’s what you need. And that is what all kids should do,” he remarked.

Phelps had previously noted Ledecky’s exceptional work ethic during a press conference in San Antonio before the 2016 Games, but his admiration for her ability to push boundaries in swimming continues to grow. Reflecting on Ledecky’s impact, Phelps emphasized, “She is achieving feats that women have never accomplished before because she embraces innovation and gives her all. Her mindset is open to limitless possibilities.”

Additionally, another well-wisher added, “Happy Birthday to the best, who is keeping their eye on what is important. Thank goodness.” Phelps’s awareness of mental health issues is evident in his launch last year of a mental health awareness month campaign called ‘Celebrate Every Step’ with the organization. This initiative reflects his deep understanding of the challenges athletes face. He has been dealing with depression since 2004.


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One fan wrote a heartfelt long message, “Happy birthday 🎂 Micheal, you have the most beautiful family now! Who would have guessed back when you were winning all those medals, the very handsome boys you would have now? We knew who your beautiful wife would be but not all these cuties 🥰 you have now. I hope at least one might follow in your footsteps. I probably won’t live to see it but I do hope it happens. All the very best to the Phelps family. Have a wonderful trip to France. ❤️”

Moreover, fans and celebrities from across different sports also joined in celebrating Michael Phelps’ birthday. This included former Indian international cricketer Yuvraj Singh and others such as Darren Rovell, Jeff Fujimoto, his ex-coach Bob Bowman, Larry Fitzgerald, Jay Glazer, and Brian Shea, all of whom shared Instagram stories to mark the occasion. Throughout it all, Phelps’ wife has been his anchor, making his life fulfilling ever since they first met.


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At the 2007 ESPY Awards, they quickly connected. Nicole, a former pageant competitor and model, went on to become Miss California USA in 2010. They got engaged in 2015, married in 2016 with three ceremonies, and now have four sons. Nicole has been Phelps’s staunchest supporter through his mental health battles, with Phelps crediting her as his anchor.

Together, they drive mental health initiatives through the Michael Phelps Foundation. As the Olympics approach, fans fondly remember Phelps’s pool prowess and wish him continued success and happiness on his birthdays.