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“She Swims Like a Guy”: Katie Ledecky’s Supremacy Was Once Categorised in a Surprising Way by 11-Time Olympic Medalist Swimmer

Published 09/14/2022, 1:01 PM EDT

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Katie Ledecky is a force that is hard to comprehend. The 25-year-old world champion swimmer made her debut in 2012 and already boasts of 10 Olympic medals and 22 World championship medals. She is the first-ever female swimmer to achieve these numbers.

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Katie has many ‘firsts’ to her name already. She is the first swimmer to win five consecutive world titles in an individual event. The swimming champion is racing fast towards beating the record number of titles set by legends Ryan Lochte(27) and Michael Phelps(33). Looking at her winning pace, one can’t help but wonder how is it possible. Similar was Ryan’s reaction during the Rio 2016 Olympics trials.


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Can someone explain what is Katie Ledecky up to?

Katie is probably on a mission to make records, competing with swimmers both male and female alike. One can’t go past her without expressing sheer disbelief and awe at her skills. Ryan Lochte, an 11-time Olympic medallist made an unusual remark about Katie after practicing with her at the training center before the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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She swims like a guy.” Ryan Lochte was left spell bounded by her skills, and added, “I’ve never seen a female swimmer like that.” Ryan wondered how she is so strong in the water. Also, he highlighted her strokes and mentality as her strengths.


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Katie Ledecky Once Stunned the World, Clocking the Same Time as Swimming Legend Michael Phelps

Ryan expressed his amazement at how Katie got faster every time she got in and that her pace and times were becoming good to compete with a guy as well. Safe to say, the legendary swimmer felt a tad bit insecure and said, “She’s(Katie’s) beating me now, and I’m, like, ‘What is going on?’”

Katie is a mystery

When Katie was six years old, she wasn’t eligible to compete in ‘A’ meets because she needed breaks during a race. Her only goal was to make it to the other end of the 25m long pool. Sadly, she came down with the swimmer’s ear when she ended her ‘B’ meets race.


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Fast forward to 2016, David Marsh, coach of the U.S. Olympic women’s team said in an interview, “She’s a mystery.” He illustrated her skills through what he had seen her during training and trial races.

Significantly, she demonstrated great passion and depth with which she trains. Going further, the curious coach tried to figure out what drove her to such excellence only to end up in vain. He struck out all the possibilities and concluded, “She doesn’t fit the model.”


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The lingering question is, “Where’s the fury coming from?” She has achieved everything. The coach couldn’t stop wondering about the energy stirring in her, “not just at meets but at practice.” Fair to say, the coach’s curiosity is quite understandable. How is it possible to steer oneself to such greatness without any typical driving forces? What do you think?

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