Unearthed Image Shows 6’4 Michael Phelps Being Over Towered by One of Tallest Swimmers in Olympic History

Published 08/30/2022, 9:00 AM EDT

Michael Phelps and Matt Grevers are two known names in the world of swimming. The American competitive swimmers Phelps and Grevers are known for their dominant swimming style. Matt and Michael are colleagues/competitors with multiple Olympic medals to their credit.

In an archive Olympic picture, former teammates Michael stands alongside Nathan Adrian, Matt Grevers, and Brendan Hansen.


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Michael Phelps and Matt Grevers’ height of achievements

In swimming, Phelps and Grevers’ have come a long way. Phelps, with 28 Olympic medals, and Matt, with 6 Olympic medals, stand as an inspiration to many.

Apart from the winning smile, Matt Grevers’ exceptional height is striking out from the picture. When Phelps’ picture with Simone came out, fans could not help but notice how tiny the gymnastics GOAT looked beside the 6’4″ tall swimming GOAT, Michael Phelps.


Unearthed Image Shows 6’4″ Michael Phelps Towering Over Gymnastics Queen Simone Biles

5 months ago

But this time, it is the other way round; 6.8 ft Matt Grevers is making Phelps look a bit “tiny” with regard to the height. When achievements are tall, size does not matter! Phelps and Grevers stand taller than their heights because of their “never-giving-up spirit” and accomplishments.

Phelps and the team stand tall

The iconic picture ushers back memories of the US team. It features swimming maestro Phelps and his team flaunting their gold medal after winning the 4×100 medley. But it’s not just the gold that catches the attention! In the group of four, Michael and Grevers stand out for their exceptional height.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – AUGUST 05: Michael Phelps of the United States carries the flag during the Opening Ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at Maracana Stadium on August 05, 2016, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

The pride after winning gold for their country is prominent in the picture. Appreciating the team, the official handle of ‘Olympic News!’ took to Twitter to congratulate. They wrote, “Congratulations on the gold medal Michael Phelps, Nathan Adrian, Matt Grevers and Brendan Hansen!” 


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Every Olympics has a story to tell; there are some remarkable performances that, down the memory lane, emerge as “inspiring” and “exceptional.” One such occasion was August 04, 2012, when the American swimming team registered their win at the Aquatics Centre at the London Olympics.

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To win a medal for the country and hear the National anthem playing along with the flag rising high is what keeps the athlete motivated. The satisfaction after winning the event is evident on their faces. That day, the “star-spangled banner in triumph” waved!




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