Young Thug’s Challenge to Michael Phelps from Jail Backfires at Him in Court

Published 09/11/2022, 11:45 AM EDT

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With 23 Olympic gold medals, Michael Phelps remains an absolute force in the pool. Even though he has retired, his achievements remain unbroken. His claim as the swimming GOAT remains undisputed, with several feats to his credit. However, since Sarah Thomas has swam across the water, fans can not help but ask Phelps if he can “make it.”

One such curious fan was American rapper Young Thug. Asking a straight-up question on Twitter, Thug tagged Phelps. But what was just a mere curiosity back-fired as a severe legal mess!

Thug’s tweet to Phelps brings him more trouble

Jeffery Lamar Williams, more popularly known by his stage name Young Thug, right now, is in serious legal trouble. Now, making things worse, the rapper’s recent tweet, where he asked Phelps whether or not he can swim100 miles from the middle of the ocean back to shore,” has got the prosecutors talking.


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The tweet from Thug’s account was brought up in the Georgia court in connection with his case, which is yet to go on trial. The tweet was brought up because the prosecutors were worried about his reach and his ability to communicate with the outside world which might cause potential problems for the ongoing case.

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Dismissing the prosecutor’s stand, the Thug’s defense called the tweet “innocent.” Going by their words, the defense informed that the tweet was dictated by Thug to his friend, who now controls his social accounts. However, amidst all the legal technicalities, Phelps’ response to Thug’s query does not go unnoticed by fans.

Michael Phelps gives his affirmation

When Thug raised the question, Twitter stood divided. While some may say Phelps could do it, others had a contradicting view. The exchange and the opinions went back and forth not until the swimming maestro himself stepped in!

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Responding to Thug’s tweet with an affirmation, Phelps’ tweet was quick and short. Putting all the doubts to rest, the swimming GOAT answered that he could “make it.”


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Things got even more interesting when ultramarathon swimmer Sarah responded to Phelps. In a fun banter, she dismissed Phelps’ claim. Taking to Twitter, she said, “I don’t think you got it.”


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Holding the record for the longest continuous swim, Sarah Thomas is now one of the most celebrated ultramarathon swimmers.

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