Boston Marathon 2024: Rob Gronkowski Appearance, Important Updates, Emma Bates, Live Results and More

Published 04/15/2024, 9:06 AM EDT

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“It’s gonna be fun and I’m looking forward to it,” Rob Gronkowski prophesied just before whistling the Boston Marathon 2024 contest. The former Patriots tight end couldn’t hold his joy after achieving the Grand Marshall role for the 128th version of the coveted marathon. If his appearance on the Boston Marathon 2024 adds a stunner on Patriot’s Day, then the track and field fans might wait for several more whirligigs from the event. 

The major would be the chance of a Kenyan Sweep in this year’s Boston Marathon just like the previous occasion. The defending champions, Hellen Obiri and Evans Chebet are in fine touch. And both have roared after stepping in Boston this time, claiming to usurp the opponents. If this happens, both will enter the history of one of the oldest marathons. Chebet will become the fifth male runner to claim the title thrice in a trot. On the other hand, Obiri will break the ongoing jinx since 2005 to become the female winner in consecutive years. But, their task would be mountainous in the presence of the ever-known athletes. 

American runner Emma Bates is looking for a comeback after missing the Orlando trial because of her injury. In the men’s category, the wunderkind, CJ Albertson, will try to hoist the American flag after a disheartening 5th place finish in the same trial. However, his struggle might increase in the presence of Sisay Lemma! The fourth-fastest marathoner of all time would look to fill up Eliud Kipchoge’s absence this time. 


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Now, who will be going to flaunt an energetic emergence in Hopkinton and who will end with a poise in Copley Square? Let’s get updated on those in the live feed. 

Live feed

Female category:

Rob Gronkowski uncapped the contest of the day as the Grand Marshal with his theatrics at the starting line.


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Hellen Obiri is going to try her shoes without laces in the Boston Marathon 2024. The improvisation is to decrease the hassle. The female defending champion is already on a mission!

As the women runners are already in the role, Emma Bates has taken an early lead! remember, it is her return game after her injury!

Last time the American runner grabbed the fifth position. However, before entering this year’s contest, she made her mindset clear.

Women are already on the mark of the fifth mile, and Emma Bates: is still holding the top position.

Emma Bates has just avoided a tumble scare. Things are not showing goods as previously Marcel Hug survived one.

Sara Hall is slowly picking her pace in the way of 5k.

Emma Bates is on the of making a fast 10k, maybe far ahead of the defending champion Hellen Obiri.

Emma Bates is in the leading position, but her opponents are already catching up! However, the defending champion, Helen Obiri has come closer to her third position just behind Belete.

Hellen Obiri has pushed her into the top position right now, edging Emma Bates. However, a pack of 20 women is almost running neck-to-neck right now.

In the women’s wheelchair contest, Rainbow Cooper has earned her maiden title.

Emma Bates is in the third position right now, as her national compatriot, the legendary Sara Hall, is in the 8th position. Helen Obiri is smoothly running ahead of the competitors.

Sara Hall has edged out almost everyone to grab the fourth position. Emma Bates is out of the top ten now!

Rainbow Cooper has just described her side of the story as the 22-year-old entered the contest without any sponsor’s help.

As the pack moves ahead, Emma Bates has regained the top position just in front of Helen.

The African running royalties have usurped the top-10 list right now as only Emma Bates is being looked to challenge the behemoth at the midway of the race. Meanwhile, in the Screaming Point, the American contender shared a funny moment with the spectators.

Emma Bates and Sharon Lokedi have shared a perfect bond since their training days. Now in the Boston Marathon 2024, the runners are running neck-to-neck while Bates is still ahead.

Surprisingly, Des Linden is now at the top position at the 23k mark.

Right now, a pack including Emma Bates, Sara Hall, and Hellen Obiri are moving together towards the 30k mark.

After the 30, Emma Bates is in the lead position, while her pace is showing as 2:25:30.

Emma Bates just dropped back as Hellen Obiri is on the lead now, after the 21-mile mark.

The fight has now come between Sharon Lokedy and Edan Kiplagat. Both the female runners are trying hard to keep Hellen Obiri out of contention to get the top position.

Hellen Obiri unfurls her speed as at the business end of the Boston Marathon 2024, she is now quite comfortable at the top position.

Hellen Obiri defended her title while Sharon Lokedi chased her to the second position. Edan Kiplagat sneaked into the list after her 2010 earnings.

Emma Bates could not capitalize on her early-earned edge on the Boston Marathon this time. She dropped to the 15th position and then tried to gain the pace.

Eventually, a 12th-place finish is there In Emma Bates’ platter on Monday.

Meanwhile, Hellen Obiri has earned her 4th Olympic berth after coming victorious on Monday.

Male category:  

The Boston Marathon 2024 is going to sneak one of those rare occasions where Evans Chebet will be going to face Sisay Lemma. The last time both the legends had faced each other in a marathon was back in 2022!

A timely update on the value the contest is holding right now:

Marcel Hug has survived a crash at the firehouse turn. Fortunately, he still saves his breath for the day.

At the end of the 5k, Sisay Lemma is leading the men’s pack.

Sisay Lemma is still riding on the speed and Evans Chebet is far behind, in a crowd of Ethiopian runners at the 10k.

Eventually, Sisay Lemma is the fastest runner, registered for this year’s Boston Marathon. He is surely eyeing to turn the table as his previous records in the Boston Marathon do not do justice to his fame.

Marcel Hug just earned his title in the Boston Marathon 2024 wheelchair championship. His unofficial timing stands at 1:15:32.

Sisay Lemma is chasing his record as his rapid pace is indicating to him to end the race under 2:01.

Meanwhile, in Boston roadway:

Sisay Lemma crossed the 15k mark at 42:43 whereas the chasing pack remained far behind. It is still behind by a mile almost!

Evans Chebet is in the second position right now, but far behind Sisay Lema.

Sisay Lemma is competing just against himself- almost no one is chasing him on the horizon.

Sisay Lemma is well ahead of any male competitors on the Boston Marathon 2024 at this moment.

Sisay Lema has already the record of the halfway split of the Boston Marathon today. Previously, it was under the hold of Geoffrey Mutai (61:58), made back in 2011. However, today Lemma took 60:19 to uproot that record.

Sisay Lemma’s standing right now is already giving a remembrance of the late Kelvin Kiptum- the same ruthlessness and gaining momentum and capitalizing on that. The legend is at the 0k mark right now, and away from anyone’s dare to cross.

Despite the scorching heat on the track right now, Sisay Lemma has consumed only two glasses of water til now. Impressively, the maestro is shaking his wrists more often to keep away a possible cramp meanwhile.

Sisay Lemma’s lead is losing the sharp slightly. Now, he is leading the pack by 1:44 minutes. However, he has still 5k to cover while Evans Chebet is gaining pace.

Last time, Sisay Lemma could not finish the race better than earning a disheartening 30th position while Evans Chebet ruled over the race. Even Eliud Kipchoge could only earn the 6th position last year. But this time, despite a lot of heat, Sisay Lemma is still reigning the leading position. Evans Chebet is in the third position now.

However, for Chebet, a lot of stakes are there as his Olympic participation fate is hanging on today’s status. But right now, Lemma has just 800m to win the race.

Sisay Lemma won the race at 2:06:18 timing in the men’s category. Evans Chebet could get the third position, whereas Mohamed Esa grabbed the second rank. It is one of the rare occasions where the 1-2 positions have gone to the Ethiopian male runners.

Sisay Lemma admitted his ‘redemption’ had enabled him to win the Boston Marathon 2024 title. However, he also stated that Monday’s race is almost similar to the upcoming Paris Olympics. That part had also motivated him to go heavy.

Meanwhile, Geoffrey Mutai’s record lives to witness many more days! The last-minute drop in Lemma’s speed blocked him from breaking the record.


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CJ Albertson earned 7th place, keeping the American legacy of earning 7th place in the men’s category in the Boston Marathon for consecutive years.


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