“Very Sorry to Hear”: 72-Year-Old American Legend’s Death Leaves Sports World Devastated

Published 03/14/2023, 6:32 AM EDT

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Olympics throughout the years has seen some of the most innovative athletes ever. Either through sheer talent or innovation, these legends have etched their names in history. One of them was high jump veteran, Dick Fosbury, who invented the ‘Fosbury Flop’. However, tragically, Fosbury recently passed away.

Various Olympians and track and field enthusiasts came together to bid the innovator one last farewell. Videos of Fosbury performing the jump he invented also spread like wildfire. Let’s take a look at what some of the grieving fans had to say about the tragedy while remembering the legend.

Dick Fosbury: Jumping high toward a new revolution


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Track and field events have had some unsung heroes across its history, and Fosbury was one of the legends. In the 1968 Summer Olympics, Fosbury’s unique style of flopping over brought the ‘Fosbury Flop’ to attention. However, with the demise of the star, the world not only lost out on a genius innovator but also an athlete that inspired generations to come. And fans grieved this loss among the high jumpers.


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Fosbury’s contributions toward the track and field community were highlighted upon his demise. In fact, very few athletes across various sports in the world could claim to have changed the way their sport functioned. Fosbury, with his unique jump and flop, revolutionized the sport of high jump, and fans had a lot to say about that.

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Some fans reiterated how Fosbury was one of the handfuls who changed the face of his sport. Meanwhile, sports consultant Pierce O’ Callaghan, who worked with the legend, on a Citus Mag post wrote, “sorry to hear of the sudden passing”.

Meanwhile, others shared personal anecdotes of how high jumping as an event and Fosbury as a legend changed their lives.

Apart from fans, many track and field stars also took to Twitter to express their sadness and grief upon the veteran’s demise. Champions like Michael Johnson, British runner Adam Gemili, and Trinidadian Ato Boldon, sent their condolences.


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Revolutionizing a sport is a feat saved only for a few. Dick Fosbury managed to hold up a new perspective on the high jump. Today, track and field enthusiasts, especially the ones who love the high jump as a sport, are grateful for Fosbury and his contributions. Although his demise has grappled fans with grief, Fosbury’s legacy will live on in the form of his innovation.

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