Noah Lyles has been on a mission to become the fastest man on the planet ever since his debut. Lyles made his mark at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics when he clinched the bronze medal in the men’s 200-meter race. The years that followed immediately after saw Lyles blossom from a budding youngster into a mature professional. During this time, the American became a six-time World Champion. 

His antics at the 2023 Worlds made him get on level terms with the legendary Usain Bolt. Lyles became only the second athlete to win a triple in the sprint at the Worlds after Bolt’s lightning performance back in 2015. However, amidst all the glitz and glamor, fans often tend to search for Lyles’ college record. 

Noah Lyles became a professional right after high school


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An athlete of such caliber is expected to be a hit at the NCAA. Unfortunately, fans are bewildered, as no records of Lyles’ NCAA career are available for them to look at. Well, this is because Noah Lyles decided to skip college. Lyles was enrolled at Alexandria City High School. However, once he passed out in 2016, the young American chose to pursue track and field as a full-time professional. 

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Some sources state that Lyles did get enrolled at Florida University while donning the jersey of the Gators. Unfortunately, within a year, Lyles went pro and grabbed a lucrative contract with Adidas, bidding adieu to his NCAA days. Although his decision to skip college was brave, Lyles soon proved to the world that he was ready for the highest level. 

Lyles first tasted success in 2017, winning at the USA Indoor Championships in 300m. It was his first senior national title, and since then, Lyles has not looked back. He was named the 2019 IAAF Male Athlete of the Year. He is also the current world record holder in the 300-meter discipline, clocking 31.87 seconds.

Winning a combined 11 Diamond League titles, Lyles has gone on to become one of the greatest sprinters in modern times. Surprisingly, even after his success, Lyles is still being questioned about why he has no college records. 


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Noah Lyles was once asked by a fan about his college records

Lyles is well known for his interactions with his audiences. Oftentimes, he conducts question-and-answer sessions with his fans. During one such session, a fan got curious about his college background. The fan asked why the Olympic medalist had yet to go to college. 

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The 26-year-old athlete replied in a witty manner, stating, “If you are good at something, never do it for free.” He further shared a picture of the DC anti-hero Joker to further sensationalize the moment. Thus, college records or not, Lyles will now set his eyes on Paris to set sail on his Olympic dreams. 

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